Bridget Moynahan’s Desperate Last Move

Oh girl, I really hate writing this, cause I hate to kick a sista when she’s down. But it’s kind of my job. According to Page Six of the New York Post, Bridget Moynhan made one last attempt last week to win back her ex-fiancé Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, despite the fact that their relationship ended over two weeks ago.

Moynahan flew down to Miami on Dec. 10 to host a Baume Mercier party at the Raleigh and to “keep an eye on Tom,” said a spy. But Brady was said to be annoyed because while the Patriots were in Miami to play the Dolphins, he was having a good time at the bars with the local women when she arrived. “No one travels with the team, and he had already broken up with her,” said one source. The stress on the actress showed – she was “exhausted-looking, and Nicole Richie-thin.”

Might I suggest NOT sleeping with this man as a form of retaliation?

INCOMPLETE PASS [Page Six | New York Post]

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