Bridget Moynahan Sells Manhattan Home, Looks Ready to Burst

August 10th, 2007 // 4 Comments

We’re assuming that Bridget Moynahan selling her Manhattan apartment is probably further evidence that the actress is planning on relocating to Los Angeles. Her one-bedroom in West Chelsea just sold for $820,000. According to the New York Post:

She listed the prewar co-op at the sprawling London Terrace complex on West 23rd Street soon after learning that her New York-based TV series, “Six Degrees,” was canceled in April.

Spotted in L.A. Thursday in these pictures, the momma-to-be looks ready to burst at any moment, despite rumors that she was scheduled for a C-section in Los Angeles at the end of July. At the moment, her tummy looks more like a registered weapon than a vessel of life. I’m wondering if she’s just waiting for Giselle Bundchen to get in her sights before she finally lets loose.


More photos of a very pregnant Bridget Moynahan after the jump..


By Lisa Timmons

  1. OY! Does that belly look PAINFUL!!!

  2. Prick Up Your Ears

    How can she walk without tipping forward?

  3. Well of course we are moving to LA! If Father and I want to play catch, we’re going to need some throwing room, and Massachusetts to California should suffice. Assuming we get military clearance of course.

  4. Cindy

    Bridget is gorgeous, as always. My back aches in sympathy. Good luck to her.

    Dreamboat Baby…where are you? We long for your presense. Hurry, your Mommy looks very uncomfortable, and I very much fear you’re getting way too comfortable in there.

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