Bridget Moynahan Is Pregnant With Tom Brady’s Child, Tom Brady Is Currently Dating Gisele Bundchen, Gisele Bundchen Is Readying “I Need To Focus On My Career Right Now” Break-Up Speech

February 19th, 2007 // 12 Comments


Bridget Moynihan has revealed that she is carrying New England Patriot Tom Brady’s child. Which sorta sucks for her as Tom is currently sporting supermodel Gisele Bundchen on his arm. Drama!

Bridget Moynahan’s publicist has confirmed that the actress and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady are expecting a baby, although the couple is no longer together.

According to Christina Padadopoulos, Moynahan is more than three months along and Brady is the father.

Brady and Moynahan recently split after a three year relationship. This will be the the first child for both Brady and Moynahan.

Bridget Moynahan is currently signed up for the high life. I mean, ok, you’re no longer with the baby daddy but maybe he was a bore. And now she has a super-rich baby daddy. Not only that, she also recently got to make out with Heather Graham in a movie! Cash cow baby, pseudo-lesbianism with a hot chick, it’s like Christmas in that chick’s condo! Gisele Bundchen, however, is currently feigning she doesn’t understand English and not answering any of Tom’s text messages. Babies are serious competition, as are crazy baby mommas.

What is Tom up to right now? He’s in Paris with Gisele Bundchen, as shown in the photos below.


By J. Harvey

  1. Margaret

    Don’t count on it. The Boston Herald says that Tom has known for months, but broke up with Brigit anyway. Gisele knows. Neither of them care. THOSE TWO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DESERVE EACH OTHER.

  2. Jen

    And we care why? I bet they broke up BECAUSE she got pregnant. He seems like the type.

  3. smith

    He doesn´t know for months. He found out around his playoff time, which happened middle January. He and Bridget broke up in November. This story is so messed up. I wish Gisele dumps the guy, this is not a good situation to be right now.

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    I feel sorry for the kid, dad is never going to love or care about him/her. Bridget will move on, but it’s so not going to help her career. Sad to find out you were with a class A pigster for all that time. Let’s hope the baby’s step daddy is a better man, for both their sakes.

  5. Elaine

    Damn. What a juicy twist on this story. This is the shit soap operas are made of. Sexy quarterback leaves sexy actress for sexy Victorias Secret model, sexy actress fucks over sexy quarterback’s new relationship by publicly announcing she’s knocked up. Fantastic. She’ll probably end up having quadruplets. Or even better, a story will come out saying that she secretly and purposely stopped taking her birth control.

    I can’t wait to hear a statement from Tom Brady’s publicist. It’ll either be a lie saying “I’m so thrilled that the chick I dumped is pregnant” or he’ll pull an Eddie Murphy and demand a paternity test.

  6. Chloe

    It is so obvious that this ho did this on purpose. They broke up bc she wanted a family and he didnt. Im so sick of stupid women being obsessed with being married and having babies. There are tomm many people in this world already!!! get a life

  7. TMI

    At 36 she didn’t have a clue on how birth control works! She obviously trapped him, knowing her clock was tick, tick, ticking away and he could wait 10 or so yrs. Entrapment is entrapment no matter how successful she it. If she wasn’t the one, she should have just gone on her way – and now, how can you love someone you can’t trust

  8. Merlisa

    I can’t believe in 2006 people still blame the woman if she “gets knocked up”. In a time when you get AIDS the same way you can get pregnant, I’m shocked that both of them would be so stupid to not use protection. If he didn’t want any kids, he should not have been having unprotected sex.

  9. Nicole

    They broke up in November, she’s “more than 3 months pregnant” now, end of February.. 13 weeks is more than 3 months pregnant. So, minus 2 weeks for the time before you are actually pregnant. Math geniuses, doesn’t take much here. Sounds like they broke up when she gave an ultimatum and then she probably found out she was pregnant–how convenient. Or she knew but was hoping he would want to marry her and didn’t tell him. It is too bad. One thing is for sure, will be a tall, good looking kid–boy or girl.

  10. kikichanelconspiracy

    “At 36 she didn’t have a clue on how birth control works! She obviously trapped him, knowing her clock was tick, tick, ticking away and he could wait 10 or so yrs. ”

    Oh I see. At 29, Tom Brady was clearly the exploited ingenue who knew nothing of condoms. Give me a flipping break.

    Merlisa – I couldn’t agree with you more.

  11. Pooh

    Bridget trapped Tom for sure.

  12. DevonB

    everyone is going to start claiming he knocked them up…it was only a matter of time before the t-shirts started

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