Bridget Moynahan Is Pregnant With Tom Brady’s Child, Tom Brady Is Currently Dating Gisele Bundchen, Gisele Bundchen Is Readying “I Need To Focus On My Career Right Now” Break-Up Speech


Bridget Moynihan has revealed that she is carrying New England Patriot Tom Brady’s child. Which sorta sucks for her as Tom is currently sporting supermodel Gisele Bundchen on his arm. Drama!

Bridget Moynahan’s publicist has confirmed that the actress and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady are expecting a baby, although the couple is no longer together.

According to Christina Padadopoulos, Moynahan is more than three months along and Brady is the father.

Brady and Moynahan recently split after a three year relationship. This will be the the first child for both Brady and Moynahan.

Bridget Moynahan is currently signed up for the high life. I mean, ok, you’re no longer with the baby daddy but maybe he was a bore. And now she has a super-rich baby daddy. Not only that, she also recently got to make out with Heather Graham in a movie! Cash cow baby, pseudo-lesbianism with a hot chick, it’s like Christmas in that chick’s condo! Gisele Bundchen, however, is currently feigning she doesn’t understand English and not answering any of Tom’s text messages. Babies are serious competition, as are crazy baby mommas.

What is Tom up to right now? He’s in Paris with Gisele Bundchen, as shown in the photos below.