Bridget Moynahan Goes To Church / Pimps Out Her Kid To “OK!”

September 27th, 2007 // 15 Comments

Ok, supposedly she gave the cash to charity from the photoshoot so we’re just being bitchy. Bridget Moynahan posed for “OK!” with her new little bundle of illegitimate joy. And here’s pics of her leaving church, where she surely prayed to God for forgiveness in keeping Tom Brady’s child away from him out of fiery revenge. And for keying Gisele Bundchen’s car. And for betting against the Patriots and offering sexual favors to any team that beats them.

The 36-year-old split from John’s father, Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots quarterback, and Gisele Bundchen’s current squeeze, Tom Brady, 30, in December before announcing her pregnancy a few weeks later, leaving many wondering how she will handle her new role as a single mom-to-be.

She’s doing fine. The child support must be vast. Tom Brady makes some bank. And she gets to torment him for the rest of his life. Bonus!


More photos of Bridget Moynahan departing church after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    WOW! A Hollywood star/model who actually believes in God as opposed to thinking they are God. How refreshing.

  2. matia



  3. mimi

    thats my church and my priest vey weird to see him here!

  4. jean

    So what’s your beef with Bridget to say such derogatory statements about her? She has been nothing but silent through this ordeal, pregnancy alone, birth alone, dealing with a newborn with help of her family – none from the sperm donor. If she was into that AHo’s money, she’d be sucking up to him, instead she has held her composure. She’s raised a Catholic and both her and the AHo visit Pope John Paul, which is probably where the name of her some came from. She’s at church to prep for the baby’s baptism.

    Your negativity should be directed at the other two selfish, immoral beings! He could have shown a bit of support and not have his fling so public. And that sleaze should have understood a woman’s point. No, she has gone out of her way to make statements attacking a pregnant woman.

  5. np

    LOL LOL LOL “she has been nothing but silent through this ordeal” What planet have you been on? She CAUSED this ordeal. This woman has manipulated this situation to extract the maximum amount of publicity and pity at the same time promoting hatred of Tom and Gisele. That’s pure EVIL. God! she should write a book on how to use your child for revenge and your own self-promotion. That’s how good a manipulator she is. Are you freakin’ kidding me.?

    First she and her publicist make a big announcement about how Bridget and Tom had broken up “amicably to focus” on their respective careers. I have the magazine. Dind’t even know who the hell she was at the time. That was early December. Not a word about pregnancy. (now I know for fact if she’d known about her pregnancy back then, she would have drop the news right then). Few wks later Tom started dating Gisele. Few wks later pics of Tom and Gisele on vacation started coming out. Guess who pick that time to drop her pregancy Bomb through a tabloid no less? Miss “perfect angel” herself. My favorite part! She just happened to be promoting her NEW MOVIE at the same time. Awwww how convenient! Oh and I love the way she PURPOSELY led everyone to believe that Tom had dumped her for Gisele after he found out she was pregnant. She then moved half way across the country to highlight the fact that she’s been abandoned. Had the baby & named it after herself which she knew was gonna make the papers; then appears on another tabloid with the title “Life without Daddy. She and her publicist are so good they can give lucifer a run for his money. It’s been one Big pity party for poor poor Bridget. The single mother abandoned by that horrible Tom and his horrible supermodel. It does not surprize me at all people fell for this act. I mean let’s face it A lot of people in this country are pretty stupid.

    You know the funny thing is I’ve googled comments by Tom and Gisele on this whole sordid affair. Guess what I didn’t find much. If anybody has remined SILENT through this whole publicity freak show it’s been the two of them.

  6. Shootingstar

    ..and torment him she will. I bet he wishes he had never set eyes on her.

  7. Mimi

    Don’t feel too sorry for her. She named her baby with initials that spell out JET, a Patriot rival team– she’s started the torment already.

  8. Jen

    NP…chill out. Unless you know all parties personally, you don’t know a damn thing about what went on. Sounds to me like you are a hater yourself, so I don’t really put much credence into what you say. Put yourself in her place…you get dumped (AND YES, she was dumped) by your young FIANCE for a younger supermodel. HMM, yeah I’m sure she was pleased about that.

    THEN, you find out your pregnant. I highly doubt that she planned that, and if she did, more power to her. Tom Brady is a jerk, plain and simple. He’s been a jerk since he attended U of M and he hasn’t changed. So spare me the “oh Tom and Giselle are getting a raw deal”.

    They’re all adults and they can handle this situation. Noone is getting bad press. Tom Brady is a football player and he’s a good one, so THAT is what he’s known for…not for getting a woman pregnant then leaving her. Giselle is a stupidmodel. She’s not very attractive, but then men in this country are idiots anyway….

  9. nastybugger

    “now I know for fact if she’d known about her pregnancy back then, she would have drop the news right then”

    and you know this HOW?…

  10. NP

    Jen use your pea size brain. if I’m laughing at your stupididy that means I’m very chill. You need to chill out. No I’m not a hater; I’m simply going by her CONNIVING MANIPULATIVE ACTIONS FOR THE PAST COUPLE MONTHS, and the 50 millions well placed quotes from her so called friends I’ve read for the past couple months. Even if you have One brain cell, you’d know there’s a game being played here. I’m not buying it cause I’m too smart for her and her sleazy publicist. You can’t handle it that’s your problem. You seem to have a personal beef with Brady, that’s also your problem.

    1You don’t need to put credence into what I say. All her publicity stunts are on the net with pics & everything DUH.

    No I can’t put myself in her place. For one thing I’ve never been “dumped” as you put it. I’d never try to trap a guy. If I did get pregnant “accidently” after I’d announced to the world that my boyfriend and I broke up amicably, then I would not used my own child to create a tabloid scandal just to stick it to my ex. So no I can’t put myself in her place sorry.

    “YES she was dumped.” You’re sure. How do you know? If that’s the case then Why did she release a statement telling people that she and Him broke up amicably.? Does not that make her a LIAR?
    “I highly doutb she did it on purpose but if she did more power to her.” You see you’re cut from the same low class devious cloth. No wonder you identify with her. I rest my case.

    “Brady’s a jerk; Gisele is a stupid model” but I’m the hater LOL. You have no problem hating on them but you have problem with my pointing out FACTS ABOUT BRIDGET’S MANIPULATIVE BEHAVIOURS. There’s a name for you it’s called a HYPOCRITE.

    Nastybugger: I can see I have to spell it out for you too. If she went to all this trouble to announce her pregnancy in such TABLOID FANFARE months after their break up; Do you really believe she would have kept it a secret when the break up was still fresh and raw? moron

  11. miapocca

    Anyway one can see what they choose..but all I see is a determined woman who got pregnant and is going about her business with or without Brady.
    She gave 3 statements

    1; Prgnancy because she was goign to show anyway and the media will jump all over her

    2; the birth

    3: the name

    and a photoshot no words..when she was ready to go out with the baby, because mose celebs believe that if they want to have a stress free paparazii life, they can introdue the kid to the media.

    Frankly I dont see what this woman did wrong but have a beautiful son who she wants very much..if Brady was not ready, he should have been having sex neither should he have been with a woman of 35 who was past playing games…no wwho the ehll would assume that a church goign 35 yrd old catholic woman was in for the games and fun….get reall brady adn man up you arse

  12. nadine

    “One can see what they choose?” Ain’t that the truth? In most people’s world. Pimpin’ your child from utero to birth to two tabloids so you can get back at your ex is just wonderful. She should be nominated for sainthood. It’s one thing to be pissed at your ex. Most people are after a break up. It’s the way you do it. Using an innocent child as pawn in your publicity game with your ex is appaling. She should be careful if she plans to do this for the next 18 yrs. Children grow up and become smart, it might backfire.

  13. Timmy

    Look at the neck on this chick. Holy Crap!!!

  14. Zburgher

    I was always a Leonardo DeCaprio fan until he started dating that skag from Brazil. They kept breaking up (and of course she would sleep around with other men like that surfer dude). Finally Leo got some sense in him and dumped the Brazilian slut, and thank God she has found true happiness with a male slut (It is amazing that he thinks he is a Christian and a moral person!). Gisele is ugly in the face and in her soul. Tom is a self-centered prick that dates women that are whores. Unfortunately, that actress probably believed the skag would marry her once she became pregnant. I hope she learned a lesson from this and only dates nice men from now on. I also hope she finds someone that is a true Catholic (who does not believe in abortion or pre-marital sex). Also, Gisele has no right to talk about morals. She has shown her butt hole (in thongs and modeling for the whore lingerie Victoria’s Secret, as well as sunbathing nude). Not to mention she is a whore. And I cannot believe magazines pay her millions to promote their products when she is not even pretty, much less beautiful. She is really anorexic skinny though, and that is what male skags like Brady like. And the fact that she opens her legs to just about every man out there. I hope she accidentally gets knocked up, and then she will see how it feels to judge someone and make someone feel bad when they are pregnant. Who would even do that? A skag! May she get VD from Brady (Oh come on, does anyone think he is going to be faithful to that horseface!). Pretty boy will screw any pretty face that comes his way (if given the chance. He is soul-less and does not know how to treat women. And I believe he is still cheating in football too! Someone that will cheat in their personal life will cheat in their professional life as well. I used to be a fan of the Patriots, but now I am for anyone that plays Brady and Belichek (The Cheats). If they win this year, it is because they are still cheating. Brady probably lets Gisele screw the opposing team to get information on what defense. May Satan bless this union of skags!

  15. TrooXtian

    Wow ZBurgher,

    You give all who love GOD a bad name. Why don’t you just go babble your hateful, judgmental, spineless drivel under a rock somewhere, instead of spewing it into the Universe. (And by the way, if the PATS win it all, it’s not by cheating – the entire WORLD is scrutinizing their every move, DUH.)

    It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of the pregnancy were (and by the way, good TRUE CATHOLIC GIRLS, even nuns, have been getting knocked up since Time Immemorial) – it was wrong for Bridget, who has access to the best publicity that money can buy, to announce her pregnancy in a gossip column. She had many opportunities to do the CLASSY thing and issue a joint announcement with Tom Brady. True class transcends feelings of hurt, disappointment, and loneliness. You don’t do the right thing because you FEEL GOOD – you do the right thing because it’s right.

    No wonder Tom ended his relationship with Bridget – and by ALL accounts, BEFORE he knew that she was pregnant: Who could trust a partner who would do such a SPITEFUL thing.

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