Bride Gone Wild

January 31st, 2007 // 29 Comments

That precious hour spent before a wedding is usually filled with nervous anticipation of the beautiful and exhilarating ceremony in which a young couple pledges their lifelong love for one another. However, for this blushing bride, that is SO not the case. While her bridesmaids document their preparations for the event with a video camera, sharing a bottle of champagne whilst chatting gaily, a bridezilla in the making finally rushes into the hotel suite like a bat out of hell. Well, actually, she looks more like a deranged Shirley Temple in a tuxedo.

Adorably, her bridesmaids try to remedy the situation by feeding her champagne and telling her, “It’s not that bad! It looks cute!”, which only seems to enrage her further and she lunges at the video camera more than once. Even the sing-songy encouragement one bridesmaid provides of, “You’re getting married before your big sister,” cannot calm her down. Um, awesome!

Please keep an eye out for the scissors, who are the real stars of this video.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. J

    what video?

  2. A

    Ummm… where’s the video??

  3. Darci

    OMG… that is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen!! Why would you cut your hair off?? Why Why WHY??? That bitch should have popped a couple of Paxil and downed that champagne…and left the scissors ALONE!!!!

  4. OMG, that video is unbelievably funny! God, I hope for “Kevin’s” sake that she was too distraught to go through with the wedding and he’s not saddled with her insanity for the rest of his life!

    Bottle of champagne … $80
    Hairstyle for wedding … $150
    Hacking it all off with scissors as your bridesmaids film the last hour leading to your wedding … priceless!

  5. Josephine Dertz

    Ahahahahahhahahahahha! What a crazy bitch! Lucky Kevin. Ahahahahahah

  6. Grrr

    The bridesmaids should never have let her pick up the scissors to begin with. If I was there I would have told her to STFU and sit down while I fixed her hair. Getting married is very stressful and obviously she can’t cope with it. Where was her mother?!? I would have loved to seen what she finally walked down the aisle looking like.

  7. Riiight

    Are we sure this is a real video of a real bride? It seems a little too out there to be real. If it is real that chick really knows how to pitch a fit and needs to take her crazy pills!

  8. Not amused

    Brat!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. djremy

    Someone should have smacked some sense into that bitch before she picked up the scissors and hacked off her hair. LOVE YOUR BLOG. that shit is hilarious.

  10. Surre

    I am going to have to throw the bullshit flag here. I can’t believe that the video person would keep shooting. This is probably some internet actress audition video. just my opinion.

  11. Surre

    I am going to have to throw the bullshit flag here. I can’t believe that the video person would keep shooting. This is probably some internet actress audition video. just my opinion.

  12. Brilliant! That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I loved it when the bridesmaids were laughing to the camera at how insane the girl was.

    You’re right, the scissors really were the star of that film.

    Poor Kevin… if she’s like that now, what’s she going to be like when he files for divorce?

  13. g

    Actors. All of them.

  14. KT

    I love it! no way that’s real though…too f’n crazy.

  15. melpel

    They are obviously actors. The girl that played the bride was a really bad actor, and it was too convenient that a camera happened to be there. Just watch when the bride comes in. She fake cries, and come on, no one would let anyone do that to their hair and not fix it. I call shenanigans!


  16. Jinxy McDeath

    Those girls weren’t acting or they’d be professionals. That’s the best Bridilla vid evah!

    She had some sort of major breakdown and her friends didn’t really help the situation, but it’s a great video. My God I bet both she and Kevin cried through the reception!! Poor Kevin.

  17. If you don’t believe it, you’ve never been a bride (or a bridesmaid) I was in 4 weddings last summer and I’d say this is pretty accurate (albiet slightly exaggerated).

    One of the brides hated her bouquet and started yanking out fistfulls of flowers, ended up throwing it across the room and then grabbed the maid of honour’s bouquet and announced it was hers.

    Another Bride yanked one of the heels off (or tried to anyways) the maid of honour’s shoe because she didn’t want to stand next to anyone taller than her. yeah…. its bloody crazy.

  18. brian

    Two words………TOTALLY FAKE!

  19. Kelly

    I laughed like an idiot at this one!

  20. Jenna

    “Why did you let me cut my hair??!”

    *chortle chortle*

  21. Ashley

    I was a bride not too long ago and even though there are some crazy ones out there…this has to be fake. Not that I’d put it past a stressed bride to cut her hair off…what I don’t believe is that the camera kept rolling. She would have put the camera down to help, to pur her some chapmagne, to get her some Ketamine, to call 911, whatever.

  22. Rachel

    I have to agree with Ashley. I don’t think the camera would have kept rolling. I am a bridesmaid/maidofhonor veteran at least five times over… the bridesmaids… ALL of them would have been all over that like white on rice. The scissors would have never even gotten near the bride and an emergency hair dresser would have been there in minutes. Or bobby pins and flowers, one of the two. Brides can go CRAZY, I have seen it up close and personal, but no FRIEND would have kept that camera rolling. And if by some miracle this is real, the bride herself is probably laughing herself as hard as we all are. At the end of the day, if it’s really love, then the hair cut ain’t gonna mean a damned thing.

  23. Henny Penny

    I agree that this is fake; the bride is an actress wearing a wig.

    Trust me, if you don’t like what the hairdresser is doing to your hair and it’s your wedding day- you do NOT I repeat DO NOT wait to have a meltdown when you get back to your hotel room. You have it right there in the hair studio and they will fix it for you because they don’t want you melting down in front of their paying customers.

    And at the end of the video, when the hair is all ratted straight up, that is obviously take and taking it too far.

  24. ZeldaF

    No way it’s real……. Way too exaggerated. And the way they keep flashing back to the “villainous laughing bridesmaid”…. Nah, I don’t believe it.

  25. Kel

    um…yeah. total BS. you go get your hair done weeks before your wedding day to make sure you like it and it works with your veil. also, she is wearing her wedding ring. (you can see it at the end when she puts her hands to her face). shouldn’t the best man have that in his pocket? and no one would keep the camera on in this situation if it were real. they succeeded in getting their 15.

  26. SARAH

    Being a long time wedding photographer, I’m saying it’s real. I’ve met some crazy hookers the last 15 years. Watching some of those wacky bitches, i couldn’t understand why I was still single. When I finally did get married, all those weddings taught me how NOT to act at mine. I hope Kevin saw this video & bailed. Run Kevin, run like the wind!!

  27. lizzie

    This video is a hoax – the girl is a Ryerson student from Toronto, Ontario, Canada – see The Toronto Star for details.

  28. corina

    Absolutely not real, but if it were, i’d consider this the bridsmaid’s revenge. They can’t relly be friends this people … what a sad statement on female friendship it would be. I am surprised at the comments focusing on the bride and not the bridesmaids … ouch!! I wouldn’t want those friends.

  29. emma w

    not really sure how anyone bought this in the first place!

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