Bride Gone Wild

That precious hour spent before a wedding is usually filled with nervous anticipation of the beautiful and exhilarating ceremony in which a young couple pledges their lifelong love for one another. However, for this blushing bride, that is SO not the case. While her bridesmaids document their preparations for the event with a video camera, sharing a bottle of champagne whilst chatting gaily, a bridezilla in the making finally rushes into the hotel suite like a bat out of hell. Well, actually, she looks more like a deranged Shirley Temple in a tuxedo.

Adorably, her bridesmaids try to remedy the situation by feeding her champagne and telling her, “It’s not that bad! It looks cute!”, which only seems to enrage her further and she lunges at the video camera more than once. Even the sing-songy encouragement one bridesmaid provides of, “You’re getting married before your big sister,” cannot calm her down. Um, awesome!

Please keep an eye out for the scissors, who are the real stars of this video.

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