Bret Michael Has A ‘Sheer Will To Live’

It’s weird to see Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice, knowing he’s in the hospital. Kind of destroys that “reality” factor, that hangs by a thread in reality television. But hopefully he will be back soon.

Michaels, who entered the ICU last Thursday because of a brain hemorrhage and suffered unconsciousness is on the road to recovery. He’s still having tests done and he has a side-effect called hypontremia that could led to seizures, though he has not had any yet. He also suffered severe cranial and back pain from the blood drainage and emergency appendectomy. Eeek, I hate words like blood drainage.

BUT! He’s conscious and talking and showing signs of recovery. “Bret’s sheer will to live and fully recover is undeniable,”said Dr. Joseph Zabramski who’s been treating him. Well, let’s get the band back together! Too soon?

Actually maybe not. A source told TMZ that Bret says he has “no doubt” he’ll be able to return to the stage by next month and is planning to play on May 26th. Okay, I know I got excited, but take it easy, Bret. We don’t want you winding up back there again anytime soon.