Bret Michaels Back In The Hospital After Stroke

Oh man, this poor guy.

Bret Michaels, who recently underwent an appendectomy and then landed back in the hospital after a brain hemorrhage, suffered what doctors are calling a “warning stroke.” Michaels was feeling numbness on the left side of his body, mostly in his face and hands, and went straight to the hospital. While undergoing testing doctors discovered he has a hole in his heart.

“The good news is that it is operable and treatable and we think we may have diagnosed the problem that caused the…warning stroke” says Dr. Joseph Zabramski. “However we feel it is highly unlikely this is connected to the brain hemorrhage he suffered just a few weeks earlier. Once again, it is great that he quickly reacted to the severe numbness and got to the hospital immediately.”

“He is up, walking, talking, continuing his daily rehab and very happy to be alive,” says his rep Janna Eliasbut. “He has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again.”

Aw, Bret. I really hope they figure out what caused the brain hemorrhage soon and he can rock to his newly repaired heart’s delight.