Breathe, We Have Your Ryan Gosling Withdrawals Covered, Gosling Being Affectionate On The Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

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Help! I am having Ryan Gosling  withdrawals! It’s just terrible.

Oh wait, there is a “Gosline” to assit me. Phew, that was close.

Let’s get serious here, BlinkBox’s new hotline that eases our post Gosling breakup pain is ridiculous. All you get is a snippet of the actor’s lines. We can dwell on this heartbreak or we can go gaga for him by revisiting the past by watching The Notebook or Drive. Those two guarantee Gosling bringing sexy back.

We can also scavenge the internets for Gosling memes and know that Gosling is talking to us when he says “hey girl.” How beautiful!  BuzzFeed also dressed up Gosling in several types of Warby Parker frames. Yes, I’ll have a side of Gosling topped with the Preston’s, thanks.

As there are several outlets to get your fix, we too have provided you in your time of need. Take a look at the gallery and feel free to photoshop your face to replace whoever Gosling is embracing so that you too can feel the Gosling love. It’ll have you weak in the knees that you could hardly speak

Isn’t he such a teddy bear!?

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