BREAKING! Three Men Joined Lindsay on Her Car Chase and DUI


TMZ is reporting that there were three men in the car with Lindsay Lohan at the time of her car chase and subsequent DUI arrest. Jakon Sutter, Dante Nigro and Ronnie Blake have all talked to TMZ and revealed that they were hanging out with the boyfriend of Lindsay’s assistant and got invited to a party in Malibu by Lindsay by proxy, basically. Then Dante got in the party with the boyfriend, while his two friends had to wait outside and said that Lindsay drank like a fish. Um, I guess it’s not always bros before hos. Then, apparently, Lindsay’s assistant and Lindsay got into it, the girl quit, Lindsay freaked and basically commandeered the Denali into which the three men had piled into and took off in a frenzy after the assistant. When one of the men tried to stop Lindsay, after realizing that the assistant was leading them to the police station, this is how she responded, according to TMZ:

“I’m a celebrity. I’m not going to get in trouble.”

The two cars stopped in a parking lot near the cop shop. When police arrived, Dante says it seemed as if Lindsay told officers, “I wasn’t driving. The black kid was driving.”

This is all getting very crazy, yet oddly compelling. It’s at least a hell of a lot more interesting to follow than the plot lines any of her recent movies. (Um, yeah, “Georgia Rule,” I’m looking at you.)