Breaking News: Tara Reid Sober

August 1st, 2005 // 7 Comments

However, this photo was taken a day prior to the latest episode.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ceej

    Hmm… with both of those people holding her up, it looks like she could still be drunk!!

  2. joe

    Ok, honestly, do useless ppl like Tara Reid ever do anything productive with their lives other than partying and then hitting the beach the next day?

    She is such a waste of human space. She doesnt even work.

  3. CelebFan24

    Who are those people in the picture with her ?

  4. Alexandra

    Ew. She looked so much better before she got the crappy boob job. She was kind of cute then, but now she is just drunk and annoying.

  5. jen

    Does anyone think that her boobs are just to big for her? They look so out of place and huge, plus they’re really saggy and probably give her back problems. I don’t see how any guy could find them attractive, or how any girl would want them that large.

    Her bathing suit can barely contain them.

  6. skye

    leave her alone,how would you feel if your life was watched and critized consistantly! the whole reason she started all this plastic surgery was because people said she was to fat, so when she trys to do something about it now you say ‘shes to thin’!”her boobs are to big”!”shes an alcoholic”!give her a break! she is not an alcoholic,what your saying that you have never been drunk,how would you feel if you were followed 2 your partys and people took photos of you at every possible angle!?&so what she has had some work done, GET OVER IT! im sure any celebrity you like has had something done, and why? because its people like you that give them insercurties that they dont need! they are always in the lime light so they try and look perfect and live up to everyones expectations, isnt that plainly obvious? leave tara alone and concentrate on your own lives creatures!!!!!!!!!

  7. amayaky

    We live in a very fucked up world where people actually defend Los Angeles trash like Tara Reid and Paris Hilton.

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