BREAKING: Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt Confirmed

August 28th, 2007 // 24 Comments

A police log obtained by Extra confirms that actor, Owen Wilson, did in fact list the impetus for the 911 emergency call as “attempted suicide.” The call was made from Wilson’s home to police this past Sunday around noon when he was found by his brother, Luke. Subsequently, Owen was taken to Santa Monica’s St. John’s Hospital to receive medical treatment and is currently being described as being in “good condition.” Can Britney please hurry up and shave her head again? I think we all need a distraction…

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nanc'

    Okay, so we know that he did, in fact, attempt to “off” himself. He has a history of depression which is a mental illness. Yes, he seems to have it better than many of us BUT he has a MENTAL ILLNESS. I’m not sure how he’s gonna make a comeback after this but let’s just all “let it go” and wish him the best.

  2. Jackie

    That’s sad. It seems like he’s got a lot of family and friends he could turn to. I really like Owen Wilson. He’s a great writer, and he’s really funny even when he gets bad roles in cheesy movies. I hope he’s ok.

  3. Lizzie

    WHYYY OWEN???? Don’t you know that I love you?!!?!?

  4. MamaSarah

    I just don’t buy a suicide attempt, but I guess it sounds better than an accidental overdose. Either way, I sure hope it scares him straight off of whatever crap he was taking. Stick to weed, Owen. Nobody ever died from smoking too much weed.

  5. DUH!!

    Thats not proof of anything

  6. BonerJamz

    Someone probably made him watch “You, Me, and Dupri” and he decided to end it all. With any luck, he’ll leave Hollywood and stop subjecting us to his shit movies.

  7. sandy

    Wilson’s name and pic are all over the thinspiration sites. Does he have an eating disorder? Many who do are very depressed and try to commit suicide. How sad. They need to go to church and find God like Vick did. Only they need to be sincere about it. I have tried everything and God is the only answer. Sounds way too spiritual I know, but it’s true…

  8. Chris

    Do you believe everything you read? His name isn’t even on the “evidence”. There are many attempted suicides…you sure it was him behind that blacked out name??

  9. Tiff

    I think everyone should just wish him well and hope he is able to move on from this. I have suffered from depression for years and its no laughing matter. People just keep this in mind, money & fame do not buy happiness.I personally love his work and hope to see more from him in the future.God Bless You Owen!

  10. Bentley

    God is not the only answer. I find it sick that you use this poor man’s misfortune to attempt to twist people towards following YOUR beliefs. Blind faith in a character from a book may help some, but it’s not “the only answer”. You might as well turn to Harry Potter. If your mislead beliefs help you, then that is brilliant, and good luck to you. But I personally cannot stand it when people bang on about it. Religion is the root of all evil as far as I am concerned. All you actually need is love.

    I hope Owen gets well soon. I have found enough of his roles very enjoyable and I hope he can continue to do good work once he has recovered.

  11. o_O

    @ Boner Jamz

    go watch behind emeny lines.

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  15. God is Love

    Sandy is right.

    God is not the only answer, but he is the BEST answer. You can’t put you faith in mankind or you’re going to lose in the end.

  16. Amanda

    Yes Sandy God is not the only answer. You sound like an atheist, nothing is wrong with that mind you. I agree with you about having blind faith in a character from a book and religion. However, respecting people’s views has nothing to do with god or religion. The advice that was given came from a good place, where it was religious or not does not matter, the intent does. You may think that you are intelligent and thinking ‘outside’ the box, but your comment just shows that you are narrow minded and have many limitations in terms of being a truly good person.

    Coming from a person with similar views as yours!

  17. Amanda

    Comment above aimed at Bentley

  18. Shelly

    We love you and wish you the best. Nothing’s worth taking your life over. Stay around positive people and people that love you.

  19. lolz@atheists

    Better faith in a ‘book character’ (who actually lived) than faith in humanity.

    Most atheists are evolutionism fanatics, despite the fact that evolutionism was disproven over 200 years ago. Yes, that’s right, DNA proves that NO ANIMAL WAS EVER ANOTHER SPECIES. We are NOT related to chimpanzees. In his lifetime Darwin saw his theory debunked, and turned to God before his death.

    Eat that, atheists.

  20. what?

    So where did the animals come from then?

    I heard they’re going with the “hopeful monster” theory: once upon a time, a cat gave birth to a horse, and that’s how we got horses!


  21. sandy

    The animals came from God. He made them. They reproduced. Now we have millions.

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  23. Mark

    Love is the answer to all things.
    Love From GOD.

    I’m glad your still with us Owen.
    Don’t try it again Please.

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