BREAKING: Nicollette Sheridan And Michael Bolton Engaged

March 14th, 2006 // 9 Comments

At least that’s the type of news that People Magazine considers breaking news.

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are engaged, the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE.

At a post-Oscar party earlier this month, Sheridan, 42, flaunted a huge rock on her left hand, but when asked if she and Bolton, 53, had an announcement, she said coyly, “No. Do you?”

Asked about engagement rumors in January, Bolton told the New York Daily News: “Nicollette and I are very serious about each other. … I am very committed. It is a very special time in my life. I have a good feeling about the future.”

We wish the couple their entitled four months of happiness.

Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton Engaged [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Okay this isnt breaking news. Everyone knew it they just wanted them to admit it. I’m happy for them .. they look cute together.

  2. Abby

    Will these two has-beens go away now?

  3. Rumor

    I’m happy about this story because I believe Sheridan has always loved Boltan. When they dated before and she talked about him, she glowed. You could tell she was really in love.

    I think they split before because Michael probably wasn’t ready to marry her. He had already been in one long marriage, and he was enjoying his fame and single life.

    When Sheridan got engaged to that fitness trainer, I just knew it was not going to last. She never had that spark, that look of love.

    Let us hope this is the real thing this time.

  4. ever felt you've been cheated?


  5. laS

    I give it six months tops, until Nicolette realizes that her “smokin’ bachelorette” image has been de-smoked by engagement.

  6. QueenB

    these two are such publicity whores I need to vomit again.

  7. EmDee

    This is a total scam. I used to work with a lady that knows Bolton AND his ex……Bolton is GAY!! I’m just trying to figure out if they (Nic and Mike) are scamming the world together or if Mike Bolton is just scamming Nic…….hmmmmmm

  8. Rumor

    Emdee, are you serious? I mean are you really giving us a juicy tidbit that none of us knew about? Or are you kidding?

    Never expected Boltan to be gay. Oh well, if Eddie Murphy, Shemar Moore and Johnny Gill can be, why not Boltan?

  9. Rumor

    This too: Maybe Sheridan and Bolton are BOTH bisexual.

    Take a close look at Robin Williams and his wife. That looks like some kind of arrangement.

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