BREAKING NEWS: Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Engaged To Nick Cannon!

April 30th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Oh, lay me to the rest with all of the other lambs, Access Hollywood is saying that Mariah Carey,38, is engaged to actor Nick Cannon,27! Can a church hold that much pink tafetta? You know her colors are blush and bashful and all the bridesmaids will carry music boxes playing “Vision of Love” and she will have a genetically engineered unicorn carry her ass to the altar.

A source says that Mariah, who was recently linked with record executive Mark Sudack, is indeed betrothed to Cannon. She was recently spotted at the premiere party for her film Tennessee sporting a huge rock on her dainty finger.

Mariah was previously married to record executive Tommy Mottola until their divorce in 1998. Nick Cannon broke off his engagement to model Selita Ebanks last year.

Know this, the wedding dress will be very, very tight.

By J. Harvey

  1. Cat

    You said the wedding dress VERY tight! Well don’t forget extremly SHORT!

  2. Bill Cosby

    Nick Cannon is a wimp. He threw his back out snoodling with Urkel. Mariah needs a real man like Kimbo Slice.

  3. Natalie

    That engagement ring is the one he gave to his ex fience Vctoria’s Secret model Selita. Wait til she finds out about that!

  4. Sassygirl

    Those two clowns should join the circus. Nick Cannon is simply trying to land his sugar momma to support his ass when his so-called career takes a dump and poor Mariah…well she’s stupid and clearly desparate.

  5. kitt

    firstly, her outfit in this photo is dreadful. she looks huge (by superstar standards, of course) doesn’t she? also, i agree that nick cannon is a wimp. i mean, i don’t know him at all, but his image is unbelievably boyish…. it’s honestly not a hot image for her to be associating with. too bad her and derek jeter didn’t work out. now that would have been a power couple. but i imagine nick gives her TONS of attention and makes her feel really special. anyway, no matter how much he acts like he worships her, i pray she made him sign a pre-nup….

  6. moesha mwaluma

    hey plz can you nic try find young n hot chick your to young for mariah ilike her music but hey think twice b4 you limb

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