Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez Confirms Pregnancy

May 18th, 2006 // 27 Comments

Yep. She’s knocked up.

Jennifer Lopez’s greatest wish is about to become a reality! When she walked the red carpet at the ALMA Awards in LA on May 7, the normally fastidiously groomed superstar sported a small bump and tell-tale gray roots in her dark hair, proving what insiders have been telling In Touch: J. Lo is finally pregnant!

And thanks to the IM-er for the tip.

(Source: In Touch Weekly)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. hydepark

    That’s happy news

  2. zippity

    Good job scooping the boyz. You know her gray hair and roots gave it away. She’s going to be a mess by delivery time.

  3. Erica

    Why does your headline say she confirmed her pregnancy when she hasn’t? No one has confirmed anything. Your “scoop” is stupid.

  4. Jessica

    Erica is right, your headline is completely incorrect maybe you guys should re-read what the article says and the “scoop” has been reported by everyone all week.

  5. Hekki

    Congrats to JeLlo. I hope she realizes her ass is going to grow to gargantuan proportions. My discreet little white girls ass turned into a delectable booTAY, so I can only imagine what hers will do. Enjoy, Skeletor!

  6. grasswidow

    come on……grey roots has nothing to do with pregnancy…..nobody saw my “roots” when I was pregnant…..

  7. las

    Grey hair, giant hips… she’ll look like a grandma by the time the kid arrives.

  8. T.

    Would somebody please explain why gray roots are supposed “tell-tale” signs of pregnancy, please?

  9. medtrial


    The correct term is “new growth.” Cosmetologists incorrectly refer to the new hair growth as “roots,” when in fact the follicle root is beneath the skin (scalp). Having clarified that, the use of harsh chemicals, such as those used for hair coloring, are not advisable during pregnancy as these prenetrate the skin and release fumes (the strong smell).

  10. T.

    Thank you, medtrial. I thought that was the reason, but I wasn’t sure.

  11. Whatsthatsmellycelebthinking

    What u think a hairstylist cost these days lol
    It costs the dress thats shes wearing there,anyway hi hi ha ha shes not pregnant,and small bumps my humps humps,we all know she loves white bread with macdonald cheese…
    Ok she reaches an age now that would b perfect for being a mom,but shes way to busy with other stuff,she can’t control(ft llcoolJ)Herself so she ain’t ready for a baby!!

  12. Kris

    Is that Queen Rania of Jordan JLo and whats-his-name is talking to?

  13. sweetface

    ^yep Kris…that is Queen Rania talking with Jen & MARC. lol

  14. Kellie

    A confirmation would be her say, “Yes, I’m pregnant” not just showing new growth grey hair and a little bump under a flowing dress! All of those dresses make you look like that. Even Jen Aniston wore one like that and you could asume she was pregnant. DUH!!! This is stupid! There is no proof she’s pregnant here…change the headline or get some real proor like an actual “confirmation” from the ladies lips! UGH…what a waste of space!!!

  15. Lisa

    I’m happy for her.

  16. cheryl

    I have to agree with Kellie. This is no confirmation. I read on another blog that the reason she has new growth is becaue her stylist was unavailable. (Although you would think she would have a backup). Not a confirmation in my world.

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  20. swinechimp

    If she is indeed pregnant, for the sake of that child, I hope Marc Anthony has weak genes.

  21. Very nice point of view! Respect!

  22. David

    I dig the gray on JLo and the center part in her hair. She is proud of how she looks (mature, sexy, confident). I think she would turn heads if she let the gray grow out naturally. You dont see it often on a young, attractive diva type woman. Kind of a modern day Emmy Lou Harris but with an amazing body

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