Breaking News: Isaiah Washington’s Ass Is Fired

May 24th, 2007 // 8 Comments


Who can blame em’? Who the hell wants some homophobic maniac running around? We have it from a very reliable source that Isaiah Washington has been let go from “Grey’s Anatomy” for reals. Our source? Jesus. Word is that he might appear a couple of times next season to wrap up dangling storyline concerns, but that’s that. It’s also been reported that he’s already searching for a new gig. Here’s what US Weekly had to say about it yesterday.

“He will not be back as a series regular,” a source close to ABC tells Us, noting that the embattled star, 43 – who has been under fire ever since calling costar T.R. Knight, 34, a “f–got” – “could possibly show up for a few episodes” next season.

Still, Washington’s rep insists, “Isaiah is not off the show. We do not have a contract yet, but we expect to.”

“The cast – especially the women – just don’t like him,” says a Grey’s source.

Sandra Oh sounds like a damn saint. A friend of Washington’s was reported as saying they wouldn’t fire him because they already sent Kate Walsh off to a spin-off and they don’t want to ruin the “magic”. Yeah, he sounds real magical. He’s friggin’ Peter Pan, Harry Potter and Houdini all in one. Isiah, do that magical thing where you call your gay co-worker a “faggot” and then lie about it! It’s like we’re in Oz!

By J. Harvey

  1. marninthian

    you make me laugh J…that was funny…

  2. Jorge

    Wait a minute J. Peter Pan is magical? I thought he could fly because of Tinkerbelle. And he’s sure not Houdini, because he didn’t escape this mess.

  3. Nah Nah Nah Nah, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!

    Personally i think they should take that NAACP Image Award and shove it forcefully up his heiny!

  4. sandra oh left her usband after making it big off the role he gave her no angelinaesque comments on her i think he made an innapropriate comment out of hate and directed to a specific person. We all have made generalized discriminatory comments. I dont like him he looks arrogant not even the way i likke but leave him here

  5. Grant

    I think yall need to get off of him. Please, There are bigger problems on that show then him!!!

  6. Sarah

    About damn time. If T.R. Knight had called Isaiah a nigger his ass would have been gone that day. This is long overdue.

  7. jj

    I think I’ve stumbled across a cult of racists! God forbid another black man has to lose his job over a misunderstanding taken way out of context and that he’s apologized for to no end and even spoke on behalf of the gay community. Nice to see someone gets away with posting the n-word uncensored here, guess what you’ve done the exact same thing Isaiah’s accused of…BIGOTRY! Yet where’s the outcry against that? Instead you call him names far worse than, well you know!

  8. cheryl Josephs

    It is very strange how the hammer comes down on Blacks right off the bat. Imus was a repeat offender and you all lived with it for more than 30yrs. Now Isaiah Washington makes one slip and he is out. I won’t be watching the show any more and I and couple of friends will be doing our best to at least get Blacks to boycott Grey’s Anatomy and ABC in general.

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