BREAKING NEWS: Carrie Prejean Fired As Miss California

June 10th, 2009 // 22 Comments

The girl was apparently somewhat of a bitch. Carrie Prejean has been fired as Miss California, and has just received her letter of termination. The firing was based solely on breach of contract, and not on Carrie’s political views or morals.

Sources connected with the pageant tell us even Donald Trump has now had it with Carrie, because she’s violating her contract by not getting clearance to do her extracurricular stuff.

We’re also told Carrie has been a no-show for appearances she was supposed to make for the pageant organization.

Gallery Info: Carrie Prejean at The National Organization for Marriage news conference

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. american dreamer

    There were a lot of reports that Carrie Prejean’s mother was in a lesbian relationship which leads me to wonder whether Carrie may be a lesbian too and she is projecting her self hatred for wanting to lick pootie all day long.

  2. pattycakes

    American Dreamer,

    You can like my pootie all day long. I love you.

  3. Wendel

    “The firing was based solely on breach of contract, and not on Carrie’s political views or morals.”

    In a pig’s eye!

    If she had answered the gay marriage “correctly” she could have been seen in public with a greased pig and still wear the crown.

    “somewhat of a bitch” ????

    A pageant contestant “somewhat of a bitch’ ???

    Talk to anyone in the pageant business and ask if ANYONE is EVER a bitch.

    Trump is trying to tell us that there is a first time for everything???


  4. bobthepigeon

    Who cares? I certainly don’t.

    It’s a pageant. There’s other pressing issues in today’s society which are more important. She was fired? Haha. I didn’t ralize being Mrs. America was a job. What a waste of money, honoring people’s beauty. Spend it on more important things like science and medical research.

  5. american dreamer

    bobthepigeon is only attacking the Miss America pageant cause he is an ugly troll who couldn’t even touch a woman with a ten foot pole

    why don’t you get yourself a mail order bride from moldavia bobthepigeon and leave this site to us normal (attractive) people mmmmmmmmmmkay?

  6. WeirdArchives

    It took them long enough. Stupid woman should’ve learned her lesson and played ball, but apparently arrogance is another one of her multiple sins. Now we wait for the inevitable nudie spread…God help us!



  8. Master Blaster

    Eff you militant gays. Sour grapes never tasted so good, huh? Nevertheless, the California voters spoke. Too bad, so sad for you. Cheers bitches!

  9. Master Blaster

    Eff you militant gays. Sour grapes never tasted so good, huh? Nevertheless, the California voters spoke. Too bad, so sad for you. Cheers bitches!

  10. anonymous

    Who cares??? They all crazy in California.

  11. LeskTheGlut

    to american dreamer
    You Boob bobthepidgeon is absolutely right we waste more money on useless things like honoring someones beauty than on real issues like hunger and finding cures for childhood diseases. I find it outrageous that we waste so much money on such ridiculous things rather than putting it to good use.And you have no room to call anyone a troll your’e arrogant and vain and that makes you more of a troll than you seem to think he is get a life wake up and smell the putrid humanity around you fool.

  12. bob

    who the fuck cares about these pageants any way …. BITCHES (stupid ones usually)

    they bought her boobs for their own pageant does that tell you ?

  13. dajosymmlv


    First its their money, while our freedom is disappearing under the current socialist onslaught we can still spend our cash how we want for now.

    BTW she was fired for not being a liberal mind numbed robot.

  14. marilyn

    omg Half of Canada is in shock we love you Carrie Good for you to stick up for our right not to agree on everything my god, maybe now Donald Trump will come out of closet

  15. Beta

    Donald was getting to much presure from the fagits.
    so he coped out. That Fag! Do you really believe what the media is saying? If you do then your all stupit! Gay’s will be taking over. Once they take over the schools. Brain washing your kids that it’s ok to be gay. Then they will go after all the churchs.
    This is the begining of the End.

    Enjoy it now strait man.
    Cause the Fagits will take over!

  16. I know more than you do

    LOL at all you idiots who have your panties is such a twist over this. LOL!!!!!

  17. Red Mask

    I still don’t think the question was valid for the pageant. But sayonnara to her anyway.

  18. marla


  19. marla

    Beta. Your a typical republitard post is really the artwork of Rush Limpballs, Insahnnity
    Bill O’lolly . Are you planning to follow you leader
    like that neonazi guy who shot an innocent guard in the holocaust museum. just asking

  20. Dick Hertz

    Simple fact is that like most right wing imbeciles she could not deliver on her contract. Trump was over the gay hate, but the ho couldn’t deliver the goods and went off on some right wing tangents that violated her contract. She wouldn’t be as famous if she wasn’t a bigoted extremist loon. Maybe she and Palin can run for office as the first lesbian couple?

  21. Yisroel Feldman

    Of course, if an employee is no longer doing a job, the employer will terminate him or her. It happens probably every day, and there is nothing unjust about it at all.

    However, to say that this is what happened now in this case of Miss. California, Miss. Carrie Prejean, is extremely suspicious.

    Miss. Prejean and her attornies vehemently deny these allegations that she was not doing her job. They point to the several appearences that she made and was slated to make. Oh yeah, on Sean Hanity, she did admit that there was an appearence that she refused to do: a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival TO PROMOTE GAY MARRIAGE!!

    Of course, Carrie is not going to do that, and no person at all can be asked to do that!!!

    This brings us to look at the wider whole picture. At the pageant, she was really the winner; however, the judge, Perez Hilton — a full homosexual himself — “requested” that she join on the homosexual marriage bandwagon. When she declined to do that, she was kicked off the Miss. USA title. When after the pageant she did the “crime” of helping a pro-morality organization, the director, Keith Lewis — like Mr. Hilton, a rabid homosexual — and the co-director, Shanna Moakler — a rabid gay rights activist — demanded that Carrie be totally kicked off of her earned Miss. California title too.

    At all of this, there was a tremendous public uproar. Several polls on AOL news showed whopping majorities in support for Carrie. I actually saw many posted comments WRITTEN BY HOMOSEXUALS that stated that Hilton and Lewis were going way too far with their fanatic agendas.

    Finally on May 12, the owner of the pageants, Mr. Donald Trump, told everyone to cool it and leave Carrie alone. And it appears that Mr. Tump was fully sincere in his support and admiration of Carrie. However, the co-director, Miss. Moakler, resigned in protest of Mr. Trump’s decision; we can be well sure that Mr. Hilton and Mr. Lewis put equally heavy arm-twisting pressure on Mr. Trump.

    The minute that Carrie is fired, Miss. Moakler says that she wants her job back, and the media puts out headlines that homosexuals are greatly elated that Carrie had her crown banged off.

    So Mr. Lewis says that “Oh no! This had nothing to do with her political views; it was just a technicality that she was unable to do all the appearances . . . ”


    What probably DID happen was that, totally understandably, they did not want another round of public protest. So the pageant directors waited a few weeks for people to forget the story, and then covered up her firing by changing the subject to one of a not-doing-the-job problem.

    It is obvious though that that is NOT the real reason they fired Carrie. Instead, it is obvious that the real reason IS the homosexual issue: that she refused to jump on the wicked homosexual (so-called) “marriage” bandwagon that the pageant directors demanded that she join.

    Of course, this is very terrible. I thought that in this country there is “Freedom of Religion” and that therefore, a person cannot be thrown out of a job because of his or her religious beliefs!

    And it is the teachings of almost all religions that homosexuality, and certainly homosexual (so-called) “marriage” is something that is extremely wrong!

  22. Paul Muys

    Carrie Prejean, the beautiful all American white female has been the victim of relentless and hateful attacks by the “tolerant”
    crowd of sexual deviants and sick
    wackos, then fired by two morons, Donald Trump and Keith Lewis,pathetic buffoons. May God
    bless Carrie Prejean.

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