BREAKING NEWS: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Wed

September 25th, 2005 // 28 Comments

Congratulations to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. May their months of marriage be blissfully happy!

Us Weekly is the first news outlet in the world to report that Demi Moore, 42, and Ashton Kutcher, 27, got married Saturday night at a Beverly Hills home in a ceremony in front of more than 100 of their closest friends and family, according to several sources close to the couple. ”It was very last minute,” one guest told Us. Kutcher’s publicist declined to confirm the nuptials, and when asked to confirm the wedding, Moore’s publicist Stephen Huvane simply declined comment to Us.

Standing before a crowd that included actors Bruce Willis and Wilmer Valderrama, actress Lucy Liu, Moore’s three daughters and their closest family and friends, the couple, followers of the ancient spiritual practice of Kabbalah, exchanged vows in a brief but traditional ceremony. ”Most everyone was dressed formally,” a source at the wedding told Us.

Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Tie The Knot [Us Weekly]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. fat mary kate

    um.. ew?

  2. ash

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s all collectivly puke now…

  3. me three

    He is sooooo throwing his life away…and sooooo going to regret it.

  4. k

    BORING kabbalah couple………next..

  5. Jennifer

    finally! lol i’ve been waiting forever. aw im so happy for them!

  6. Silasdog

    gag me with a spatula.

  7. Marial


  8. what is it with you fucking people anyway?

    I, for one, am happy these dipshits married because it means the gruesome picture of that spitting heroin addict has been bumped further down page.

  9. teacup

    i’m glad they got married and took themselves out of the dating pool… these fools deserve each other :)

  10. Crystal

    “what is it with you fucking people anyway?”: Read my thoughts! I can eat again while checking this page out.

  11. Mike Soreson

    Let’s see,

    Iraq conflict,
    on and on and on…

    Yah this is important

  12. medea

    They are so hot together!

  13. Jerrod

    Madea you’re a retard. Demi is ugly and has cobwebs, Ashton WAS hot and now he’s just a joke. They are dumb so-called kabaaBLAHBLAHists and is it just me or do you think either will work again? nah, didnt think so.

  14. trisha

    So many of you morons dont even know what Kabbalah even consists of. I dont care for the couple but I wouldnt go as far as to trash their beliefs.. Grow up little girls.

  15. lashonhara

    Trisha said: “So many of you morons dont even know what Kabbalah even consists of.”

    And you do? lol
    And the people signed up with the Kabbala center know what Kabbala is? HAHAHAHAHAHHA
    What a joke.
    The day they know the Tanach and its’ pshat/remez/drash/sod and have understood Rashi, Onkelos etc, the Talmud and all the mishnah + guemara and the Shulchan Aruch, all the midrashim…then MAYBE they can START to learn some kabbalah….

  16. fitzgerald

    and what would those dog tags around their necks be…?

  17. She must employ a very special skill….

  18. lashonhara

    # fitzgerald said:

    “and what would those dog tags around their necks be…?”

    Uh probably some cheap souvenir normally sold near the Kotel (in Jerusalem) by 70yr olds for 15 Shekelim BUT sold by Nick Berg and the Kaballah center for $200

  19. turtle

    HAHAHA….Suckers its the season premier of PUNK’d

  20. Charlie's boys

    as long as two people are in love and happy to be togethr despite their age difference or same sex or whatever, who are we to judge.I don’t think this is a Tomkat PR stunt.
    grow up people and get a life.

  21. LuvChoo

    Like they both care what anyone here thinks.

    Age is a number and to the idiot poster that says she’s old, I say you should BE so lucky…to be that OLD and look that great. Jealousy is a very nasty color, and looks good on no one.

  22. Charlie's boys

    right on LuvChoo!!

  23. shut up

    kabbalah blaahhhh blahh blahblah blabbbbahhhh!!! This isn’t a religious contest, lashonhara.

  24. Bella


  25. ell

    Ashton looks so scared! hehehe!!

  26. Silasdog

    Teresa, her skill is lying down with legs open.

  27. FYI

    I dun care what you say, but I dun think she looks good for a 40 something – even after all the plastic surgeries.

    And she needs to cut off that nasty hair. It’s dragging her face down and making her look even older.

  28. little lulu

    to mike sorensen:

    this is a site about celebrity gossip. if u want something heartfelt and dealing with world issues, please reffer yourself to CNN or the national geographic, thank you. now, for those of you on this site for proper reasons, please note that when a 40 year old man and 25 year old woman get married, it is ok right? so let demi get her hot peice of ass……

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