BREAKING: Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Got Married!

March 11th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Sneaky lovers Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams reportedly have wed in a very small, very quiet ceremony in Savannah, Georgia yesterday. The couple got engaged in February and Mandy indicated that she was planning on having a decidedly un-celebrity-like wedding to her rocker fiance.

“Hopefully, it can happen and slip by unnoticed by everybody. I guess we’ll have to be sneaky about it, but I’ll see what we can accomplish,” the singer previously said in an interview.

The actress claims that she’s already experienced the big wedding, “I kind of feel like, because I’ve been able to get married in a few films, I kind of got the whole giant wedding fuss out of my system.”

Gallery Info: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Take a stroll through NYC

By Lisa Timmons

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