BREAKING: Leah Remini Confirms Suri Cruise’s Existence

July 18th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Fellow Scientologist (did you think the first sighting would come from another source?), Leah Remini, says she actually met Suri Cruise several weeks ago. So why are we just hearing about this now? Sounds a tad suspect to me.

“She’s a newborn and normal size!” Leah tells US Weekly. Another pal is quoted as saying that Suri is “a cross between the two — [with] dark, straight hair and dark eyes.”

(Source)(Image via Pink is the New Blog)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. NIQ

    That looks like either a FAKE baby boll or a sack of potatos… If suri does exsit maybe they gave baby suri to the founder of scientology… when it turns out that suri is fake, i hope tom and katie are ran out of the country!

  2. When I think of credible sources for news, right after CNN, I always think of Leah Remini.

  3. If Leah says the baby has dark hair, why is the baby in this picture nearly bald? Hmmmmmm…. the plot thickens.

  4. Juju

    I’d bet the photo’s not of anyone we know, hence the huge FAKE.
    But doesn’t Tom have blue eyes and Katie have gray or blue eyes? Haven’t really paid attention — maybe someone here knows?

  5. ffordegroupie

    Cause: People complain that not even Scienobots have seen Suri.
    Effect: A loyal Scientologists runs to the fore, and starts claiming that their baby DOES exist, she IS Tom’s, she IS a newborn, and other she-doth-protest-too-muches.

    Cause: People complain that Katie is never with her kid.
    Effect: A convenient photo that looks very weird appears.

    Where did all that “lots” of “dark straight” hair go? And while it’s possible that two blue-eyed people can have a brown-eyed child, it seems rather dubious that Suri would have DARK eyes several weeks ago, when real babies still have blue. I bet Remini is being e-metered right now for that booboo.

    To be honest, that picture doesn’t even look like she’s holding a baby. You don’t hold a floppy baby like that unless you’re doing bicep curls with it!

    In fact, who knows if that’s even Katie? The face is indistinct.

  6. kendra

    No mom holds a baby this way. Plus ‘baby’s’ head is way too big for a 3 month old..

  7. Cardsgirl

    Ummm, ffordegroupie, no. Two blue eyed parents will not produce a dark eyed baby… It takes two recessive genes to get blue eyes and dark eyes are a dominant trait. i. e. getting all recessive genes from mom and dad; a dark eyed baby does not make.

  8. Cardsgirl is right. Two blue eyed parents cannot have a dark-eyed baby. Two blue eyed parents will only produce blue eyed babies.

  9. scorp69

    Don’t people usually descibe babies as adorable and cute? If the only things she can say about her are these things, it makes me wonder what planet the baby is really from…

  10. JerseyGirl

    Actually two blue-eyed people can have a brown eyed child:

    It doesn’t matter though, Tom’s eyes are green.

  11. KittyLiterati

    That baby is gigantic for an infant of three months, and has no “head full of dark hair” as Tom claims every time he opens his mouth. Maybe the thetans screwed up her DNA.

    Who are they kidding? I would’ve been more convinced if Katie was lugging around Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

  12. Babybing

    The baby may in fact have dark hair; that picture is clearly a fake anyway, however,”That baby is gigantic for an infant of three months” because Suri was born in February, Kate was pregnant when she met Tom.

  13. socalgirl

    Leah Remini will say anything to have close ties with A-list celebs! She has gone from hanging around J-Lo (J-Ho’s new best friend) and moved onto Tom and Katie within than a couple of months! She’s a major C-D List celeb that will do anyhting (like even joining THE CULT) to move her celeb status up!

  14. Cardsgirl

    Well color me wrong… I guess my Bio degree is completly worthless. I suppose I should have followed the ‘never say never’ rule and mention how HIGHLY UNLIKELY (yet possible!) it is for blue eyed parents to have a browen eyed baby.

  15. Libraesque

    I agree, highly unlikely that Leah would be the first to see the kid before John/Kelly, Will/Jada. I can just see the meeting now between TC and his goons, trying to figure out who would be the best to lie about seeing the baby. It couldn’t possibly be an A-lister, too obvious, so they come up with 20 d-list Scientologists. What a crock

  16. Bancie1031

    2 blue eyes parents CAN have a brown eyed child if someone else in either of their families have brown eyes, My daughter has brown eyes (which are more dominant in MY family) but I have blue eyes and her dad has blue eyes (and before it’s said YES I’m 100% sure that he is her father and I’m her mother lol). So the whole she can’t have brown eyes because her parents have blue is a fabrication!

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