BREAKING: Kevin Federline Arrives in Court

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: OK, Britney’s left the house and might be on her way in to court, which at the moment is paused for a lunch break. The emergency response staff, paramedics, police and firefighters, are supposed to testify today to clarify the details of Britney’s recent mental breakdown at her home. One of the first on the scene, an LAPD officer, has already taken the stand.

UPDATE: Britney is apparently a no-show, or she’s just running really late for the court hearing. She is not required to appear in person.

Kevin Federline has arrived at the Los Angeles Superior Court, with his lawyers for the most recent showdown in court between him and his ex-wife, Britney Spears. Per usual, the issue at hand is custody of their two children, Jayden James and Sean Preston, and a source revealed that K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will be requesting that Britney’s visitation rights be suspended until the scheduled trial in April. As of yet, Britney has not arrived, but we’ll keep you updated as today’s events transpire. Cause it’s what we do.

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