BREAKING: Kevin Costner Has A Hairstlyist

I know, it’s shocking to us as well. What’s even more shocking is that Mr. Costner hired a theiving hairstylist.

Haughty hairstylist Pascale Bensimon turned himself into Aspen, Colo., police this week after a 14-month investigation implicated him in the theft of Kevin Costner’s laptop, which contained the star’s private wedding photos. Bensimon, owner of the swanky Aspen salon that bears his name, was hired to pamper guests attending Costner’s wedding to Christine Baumgartner on Sept. 25, 2004, at the actor’s ranch. Costner’s Apple Powerbook G4 disappeared that day along with a digital camera that contained pictures of the nuptials, according to the Aspen Daily News. Mark Sheppard, a computer consultant for the Costner family, suspected Bensimon. He posed as a freelance writer and told Bensimon he was interested in a story about his high-priced hairdos. When Bensimon brought out a laptop to show Sheppard photos of the ‘dos at his salon, Sheppard matched the serial number to Costner’s computer.

There has been a 14-month investigation into this?!? My laptop was stolen about four years ago, and I would guess that the investigation lasted about length of time it took to fill out the police report. What a waste of manpower.

Hairstylist Arrested In Costner Theft [Page Six]