BREAKING: Kelsey Grammer Heart Attack

June 2nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

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While on vacation on Hawaii, the 53-year-old actor experienced a heart attack. He was reportedly swimming in Kona, when his “heart stopped for a few seconds,” according to a local source that dished to
Star magazine. Grammer’s rep confirmed that his client had a “mild heart attack” on May 31 but that he “is doing fine now and [Kelsey] will be going home tomorrow.”

The star of Frasier was brought to the Kona Community hospital, from where he was then flown by helicopter to a hospital in Honolulu for further treatment.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. devil boy

    Probably heart broken over the cancellation of his show.

  2. peachpie

    sympathies… i like kelsey grammar. he seems like he’s actually lived, and enjoyed ALL of it.

  3. leilah

    I ADORE Kelsey and wish all of the best for him — well, except for his choice in Prez candidate, with his conservative azz…

  4. T-Bone

    He allegedly used to do a lot of blow. That’ll take a toll on the old ticker. Wish him well though.

  5. Charles R. Sears II

    I am sorry to hear Kelsey suffered a mild heart attack,but that just goes to show that famous people have to take care of their health just like “us real people”. They are not above having the pains of age and weight control that we all suffer through.You would have thought what with all the money he is worth,he would have a private chef to cook low fat and healthy meals,or at least have them delivered to his home so he can lose some weight. He has been heavy for years and gaining steadily.Maybe now he will get a reality check!

  6. marlee

    So sad! And sad about his show too! I thought it was really funny!

  7. Hovisgovis

    You do realise Charles R. Sears ll that heart attacks are not only a problem for people who are over weight don’t you? That seemingly healthy looking skinny people can have heart problems too. Saying that because someone is rich they should know better then to eat badly and they should have someone cook health food for them is a little stupid! The man did coke, and eats what he wants… He is human like the rest of us and having money doesnt make people make the better decisons!

    In your logic poor people have heart attacs because there stupid and poor and rich people she know better as they have money and education?!

  8. Hovisgovis

    I ment they’r and should!!! not there and she!

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