BREAKING: Jon Gosselin & Kate Gosselin Officially File For Divorce

June 22nd, 2009 // 11 Comments

Not shocking at all given all the pre-buzz about Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin splitting up. Documents to initiate a legal split were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Reading, Pa., Monday afternoon.

Jon Gosselin is rumored to be moving to New York City and to possibly live in the Trump Tower.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ruby

    Too bad, I had hoped that their big announcement was that they where giving up fame to work on their relationship and family. Just another family ruined by reality TV.

  2. Liz

    So he’s just ditching 8 kids and moving to NYC? WTF?

  3. mike

    seriously who really cares about these douchebags

  4. Jennifer

    I have to agree with Ruby. It is too bad, and John is coming off as the douche.

  5. Julie

    I know you’re just reposting this. But seriously it is Berks county not Bucks.

    Reading is NOT in Bucks county.

  6. Joe

    It’s funny that women think Jon is the problem.

    Have you watched the show? Kate is a B I T C H !!!! She treats him like dirt. Everything has to be her way. It’s amazing he lasted this long under her constant attacks.

  7. aimee

    I’m sorry, but Kate is the BIGGEST BI-CH ever. John has his issues, but he is clearly not the problem. You know Kate will be making John’s life H_LL. At least now John can find someone who truly loves and respects him instead of the horrible screeching Kate.

  8. realitytvblows

    i think he is right to leave that c*nt of a wife, but to move that far away from his kids? if it’s true, he is a huge douche…

  9. Bella

    Every story has 2 sides!!! As difficult as she could be, I am sure he is not an angel either. And now he is just moving so far from his kids!!! Shame on him!!! He can just walk out of their lives!! They are and always will be his responsibility!!! That does not speak very well of him!! What now… life goes on and he pretends to live like a single person with no responsibility at all to those poor kids!!! Like I said before… he’s no angel!!!

  10. Angela

    he’s is tired of her treating him like’s a way to talk to person i don’t care if it’s your husban,fience,or anybody and people fail to realize that peole have fealings and they just want to be respect am i worth that.that’s all,just to be happy and respected

  11. larry

    i feel for the jackson’s family. he deffinetly was a great artist, but nobody cares about the fact that micheal has had plenty of controversy surronding him. he had plenty of children that made statements that micheal molested them. even though he was found innocent of his charges. micheal did pay millions of dollars to those children who accused micheal of the chrges of molestation. if he waS REALLY INNOCENT would micheal really fork out all that money, to keep him out of the spot light.

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