BREAKING: Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Go Public in Rome

October 23rd, 2007 // 18 Comments

Maybe it took the romantic setting of Rome, with its ancient beauty and warmth, for Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal to finally allow themselves to just give in and allow an outward display of affection like this one here to take place out in public. Or, you never know, they could just be intoxicated from a pasta high. At least, though, we like to think that it started off Lady and the Tramp style–a string of noodle dangling between both of their pouty sets of lips.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. londongrl

    I think it’s more like their movie is tanking and it’s a last ditch effort to create some buzz. Totally fake.

  2. nvetib

    i’m pretty sure this is a result of his p.r. person seeing jake’s quotes about “spending alot of time on the mens room floor”, and told him to get chummy right away with whatever female was around at the time.

    who knew reese made such a great beard?

  3. stolidog

    this is just like Beauty and the Beast, except it’s the Homo and the Ice Princess.

    Whatever it takes to sell a movie.

  4. Nina

    why is everyone so down on them?? I think they make a great couple.

  5. T-Bone

    I agree, Nina. I think they make a great couple. Love em both.

  6. LeslieD

    I am happy for them. I think they make a great couple—Jake was just what she needed after her husband cheated on her. Who cares if it doesn’t last–I hope they enjoy this time together.

  7. Tina

    Amazing Couple!

    She has had the hottest guys out there!

    Jake is not Gay, any guy that is good looking is all of a sudden gay?

  8. stolidog


    so, so sad. He’s so gay.

    And, as a gay, you know he’s gonna be piiiiisssed at that picture, makes him look like he’s got a 20 pound beer belly.

  9. S_M_G

    Who knew Jake and Reese would bring T-bone and I to agree on something! lol

    I think they waited till the divorce was over, which is very noble of them :-))

    Love them together!

  10. green cardigan

    G A Y.

    Reese is happy to be his Fag Hag.

    I don’t buy this for a single second. I don’t think he’s a closet case either, I think he is gay and discreet and holding this ‘romance’ with Reese for his career and the film. There would be a lot of female hearts broken if he announced he was into boys.

  11. T-Bone

    Now now…just because Jake is a nerdish “sensitive sort” doesn’t mean he’s gay, does it? Rumor has it that he was devastated when Kirsten dumped him. What gay man is devastated by a woman leaving him? One would think he would have been jumping for joy, while doing Liza Minelli impersonations or something ;)

  12. green cardigan

    T-Bone -I reckon he hit the clubs after Kirsten left, singing :
    ‘Go On Now Go, Walk Out The Door,
    Don’t turn around now,
    You’re Not Welcome Anymore’.

    That kind of devastated ;)

  13. silvarga

    GURL GET AWAY FROM HER! She’s making you look FAT!

    Honestly, do they pay them yearly bonuses to do this shit? It’s ridiculous!

  14. stolidog

    Brava green C.!!

    Together we will go our way, together we will leave some day.
    Together your hand in my hand, together we will make the plans.
    Together we will fly so high, together tell our friends goodbye.
    Together we will start life new, together this is what we’ll do.

    Go west, life is peaceful there.
    Go west, lots of open air.
    Go west to begin life new.
    Go west, this is what we’ll do.
    Go west, sun in winter time.
    Go west, we will do just fine.
    Go wes t where the skies are blue .
    Go west, this and more we’ll do.

    Together we will love the beach, together we will learn and teach.
    Together change our pace of life, together we will work and strive.
    I love you, I know you love me; I want you happy and carefree.
    So that’s why I have no protest when you say you want to go west.

  15. nica

    They WOULD make a cute couple if they were really a couple. And guess what? I love them too. They are both great actors. But we really need to look at the reality of this. All the time they were filming this movie there was some buzz about them being together. You then see some glimpses after the movie wraps. Then nothing until after the first weekend opening where the film tanks. NOW you see them holding hands and cuddling?

    Again, I like them both but this “relationship” is so fake.

    Read your Hollywood history of relationships and you will see the signs.

  16. lexi

    Those pictures look sorta staged don’t you think? I’m not saying he’s gay I just think their relationship is being fed to us in incremental bites that were preplanned by some mastermind at a PR firm. For whatever insane reason.

    And FYI Reese does not have any lips. Seriously her top lip is nonexistent and her bottom lip is pretty narrow.

    She’ll need the trout pout treatment when she turns 40.

  17. lil mo

    “One would think he would have been jumping for joy, while doing Liza Minelli impersonations or something ;) ”

    HA HA!

  18. dianesef

    You know, I’ve been a professional actor and have known lots of them. There’s just no reason professional or otherwise for Reese to be a ‘beard’. You know, she might be one of his best friends in the world. They might be banging, but who cares? You know the New York Post was talking about the obviously, extremely gay Zac Efron. I’m sorry – THAT is a Disney cover-up. For this pathetic movie that can’t find and audience – who cares…. Y’all don’t know how it works…..

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