‘Breaking Dawn’ Casting Updates

With filming about to begin on Breaking Dawn, we’ve got a bit of news on the casting of all the vampire covens that are featured in the final book. Lest we forget, the story will be broken into two films, and is the story of Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are
forced to call other covens and nomadic vampires to Forks to help defend
their human-vampire hybrid daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), against
The Volturi, who believe she is a threat.

Pushing DaisiesLee Pace and Lost’s Andrea Gabriel are among the official castings to play members of one of the four covens and nomadic vampires to join the production. Check out a full list of actors who have been cast after the jump!

The American Nomads:Lee Pace (“Pushing Daisies,” “The Good Shepherd”) as GarrettToni Trucks (“Music And Lyrics”) as MaryBill Tangradi (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) as RandallErik Odom as PeterValorie Curry (“Veronica Mars”) as Charlotte. The Egyptian CovenOmar Metwally (“Rendition,” “Munich”) as AmunAndrea Gabriel (“Lost,” “House”) as KebiRami Malek (“Night at the Museum”) as BenjaminAngela Sarafyan (“Love Hurts,” “The Good Guys”) as Tia.The Amazon CovenTracey Heggins as SennaJudi Shekoni as ZafrinaThe Irish CovenMarlane Barnes (“The Tree of Life”) as MaggieLisa Howard as SiobhanPatrick Brennan as LiamThe Romanian CovenNoel Fisher (“The Pacific,” “Final Destination 2″) as VladimirGuri Weinberg (“Munich”) as StefanThe European NomadJoe Anderson (The Crazies) as Alistair