BREAKING Britney Spears Video Shoot

UPDATE: So, we think nothing’s happened yet, since we’ve been keeping a close eye from our desks here in front of the window. We did get all excited a moment ago when an ambulance drove right past and our office lit up in a flurry of activity. Unfortunately, it drove right past Social Hollywood on Sunset past what we are now affectionately referring to as “Britney Street.”

Reports are now circulating that Britney Spears is preparing to–or is already in the process of filming her music video for her single, “Piece of Me” some time today. Since we happen to be in the offices overlooking Social Hollywood, where production of the music video is reported to be taking place, we’ve been anxiously looking out the window, hoping for a bird’s-eye-view of Ms. Spears either entering or exiting the club. The gist of the video is that Britney and her dancers walk into a club, each dressed in trench coats and matching wigs. However, the ever-resourceful paparazzi are on to her plan to sneak past them and discover her true identity. And, from what we can see here, with the photographers and videographers gathered outside of Social Hollywood, she’s going to have as much of a difficult time getting inside unnoticed as her alter-ego.

We’ll give updates as they happen, so stay tuned!