BREAKING: Britney Spears Temporarily Loses Custody

September 17th, 2007 // 34 Comments

We have just learned that Britney Spears will be temporarily relinquishing custody rights of her two sons. She will be ordered to turn over Sean Preston and Jayden James to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline as a result of testimony made against the pop star, alleging reports of “nudity, drug use and safety issues post-rehab,” made by her bodyguard, Tony Barretto. Barretto has been described as the “secret witness” in Britney’s custody case and was fired in May, shortly after being hired after her stint in rehab because, according to his lawyer, Gloria Allred, “He did not hear her when he was asked to pick up her hat.”

And the saga continues…

Check out the video of lawyer Gloria Alered doing some self promotion on You Tube regarding the custody case.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lisa G

    Nice LL Bean turtleneck. Not quite covering the waddle. I see a Marcia Clark makeover on the horizon.

  2. Sue

    I hope she gets help. She will have a lot of time to do this now. She’ll be back though, and with a vengeance. STILL TEAM BRITNEY


    You were sabotaged Britney and all for money. so sad. Kfed won’t have those kids for long after they go to court.

  4. Cyndi

    So sad…she is probably devastated. She’s a strong woman…and she loves her boys. She’ll work it out. Kfed is a $$$ grubbing loser!

  5. Theprovacateer

    So the guy got fired by Britney and in order to seek revenge hopped on Kevin Federline’s massive smear campaign bandwagon and the judge bought it. Temporarily.

    We get it but the judge was fooled.


    She gets what’s she deserves. This is what happens you go through life doing whatever you wan t, fearing no consequence.

    Go K-Fed

  7. Liz

    K-Fed has his dick in Dick Clark’s mouth right now. Yeah, dad of the year!

  8. debo


  9. Logan

    Thank goodness Kevin intervened for his boys. After all, he IS their dad.

  10. Why would she hire a fat ugly bastard like that in the first place?

    Dude is disgusting.


  11. B

    Well Well Well now who now thinks is the better parent? It is sad but at the same time Britney had many many warnings that she may lose her kids and she didn’t take them seriously. All you Kevin haters need to look again. Even though they got divorced I think Kevin is obviously the more responsible one and has shown that he has what it takes to be a great parent. Even though Kevin looks like maybe a wife beater he seems like a great parent and is way more responsible than Britney at this time. It’s always sad when kids have to go through this and will hurt them even if they both Britney and Kevin are well off financially. But this better be a huge lesson to Britney that even though she is a mother she has to learn how to be a good mother and that when a mother has kids the party days are OVER!! When a mother has kids they must leave the party days behind them and become responsible parents. It’s fine once in awhile to go out for a drink/drinks once in awhile and to go out with your friends but a parent can’t expect to have kids and still be able to go out party hard get drunk and do drugs. I think Britney some day will get her act together and get her kids back but I think she has to go back to rehab and get straight and will have to prove to the courts that she is a responsible parent. I hope she will get her kids back or have significant visitation rights. Hopefully she hasn’t pushed all her support away and won’t get depressed and commit suicide. Britney is going to have some kind of mental breakdown and is probably headed to a psychiatric facility.

  12. Bout effing time!

  13. Applespice

    Well said B.

    Even with Brit, Kevin made the time to spend time with his other children as well. I still don’t think he’s the world’s greatest dad, but he’s a LOT better than Brit from the looks of it.

    I just feel bad for the kids. They’re going to need LOADS of therapy one day with these two running the show.

  14. T-Bone

    This isn’t proof that K-FED is a better parent as much as K-FED having a good lawyers and stockpiling evidence and witnesses against Britney.

    Kevin’s life is going to change significantly, and he better be prepared to give up the drugs, the hookers, his thug friends and his single-boy ways, because EVERYONE will be watching for just ONE mistake. Seriously, is this guy taking care of his other children???? No. Why? Because they don’t come with a paycheck.

    Britney will get those kids back. No doubt.

  15. Holly

    I know the point of this post is not about how Brit looks…BUT MY GOD DOES SHE LOOK GREAT?? i mean seriously…she looks so cute in that little yellow dress…completely inappropriate for court, but baby steps my friends!

  16. Interestinginfo

    Neither Britney nor Kevin were actually in the courtroom that day and no one cross-examined or questioned the witnesses against Britney, which is unheard of in a temporary custody case. Something is not right. Either Britney wanted to let go of her kids or she has the worst attorneys in the history of celebrity attorneys.

  17. green cardigan

    There are no winners in this. Those poor little boys. What a way to start in life. Being dragged from pillar to post.

    I am surprised at this decision. She really must be in bad shape to lose custody. This might be an incentive for her to get her act together.

    Go On Britney, get it together and get your boys back.

  18. nastybugger

    to interestinginfo…

    there was a rumor (RUMOR, people, so don’t get bent out of shape…) that she in fact does NOT want custody of them.

    so, does Kfed have better lawyers? was he “stockpiling evidence” against her? let’s be realistic here…there wouldn’t be any to stockpile if she didn’t provide it.

    and actually, according to Shar, he DOES “take care” of his other children. she’s been quoted as saying what a good father he is, even right after he left her. the reason he doesn’t have full custody of those children is because Shar’s behavior isn’t questionable.

  19. green cardigan

    As Shar sits in the house that Britney bought her.

  20. TS

    InterestingInfo said what was on my mind. Maybe she knows she can’t cope and is giving up custody? How can her lawyers not attack this bodyguard’s credibility?

  21. Clementines

    She is somewhere happily celebrating with her slut friends.. like there’s no tomorrow.

  22. T-Bone

    I understand what you’re saying Nasty; however, everyone from Pamela Anderson to Courtney Love to Dina Lohan to Rosie Odonnel to Anna Nicole Smith could have lost custody of their kids at some point if someone really went ALL OUT to prove questionable behavior, couldn’t they? Whether it’s temper tantrums, running around naked in front of the kids, drinking and drugs or just plain neglect and craziness — this could have happened to a lot of celebs, had someone really been after them. I’m definitely not saying Britney is perfect. What I’m saying is KFED and his lawyers really went after her, and it was easy to dig stuff up and find witnesses. But Britney did not do the same. Her lawyers have not gone after KFED, probably for the sake of the kids, but if they decide to, THEY WILL dig up lots of shady dirt on him as well. It’s not that difficult to do. This custody case is not over. In fact, it has just begun. I hope Britney cleans up her act and gets those kids back.

  23. Clementines

    I think her lawyers don’t want to help her get those kids back, or her to ever have full custody. Some lawyers have a heart and conscience you know!

  24. T-Bone

    Clementines – It’s actually illegal for a lawyer to not put the client’s best interests at the forefront of their case. If an attorney feels that there is a “conflict of interest” and they simply cannot represent their client to the best of their abilities, they are supposed to turn the case over to another attorney or face contempt charges (I believe). Everyone (even Britney) is entitled to due process. But the fact that these attorneys just laid there and let Federline’s attorney’s stomp all over them means that either Britney chose not to fight or they are pulling out their big guns at a later date.

  25. Applespice

    Federline’s attorney, Mark V. Kaplan, said it was not unusual for lawyers to decline questioning a surprise witness. “Sometimes lawyers don’t like cross-examining when they don’t know what the extent of the answers will be,” said Kaplan.
    -Yahoo News

  26. green cardigan

    I think the simple fact is that K Fed got custody because the judge decided, at today’s date, he was the better parent, based on the evidence in front of him.

    I feel bad for her. Even if she has gone off the rails in the kast while, I’m sure those two little guys mean everything to her.
    K Fed is Judas. What was wrong with 50:50 custody? He has bought and sold her, and hung her out to dry.

  27. LH

    Actually, Britney’s lawyer dropped out yesterday, so there probably was a conflict of interest. And she never followed her lawyer’s advice. To those who think that K-Fed has the better lawyer…who’s making more money? Who can afford the best? Britney had one of the best lawyers in the business and she lost her. I do remember Courtney Love having custody issues a while back. I believe Frances was taking away from them a couple of times.

  28. nastybugger

    re: the other women you mentioned…SO WHAT? kfed, whatever his motives may be, decided to “go after her”. “if someone had been after them”…but no one was. to add, whatever may have happened in those cases is TOTALLY irrelevant to this one.

    and I find it very hard to believe that her lawyer (whoever it is these days) isn’t actively looking for dirt on kfed. perhaps it’s just that he hasn’t made a spectacle of his poor behavior like his ex has.

  29. Sue

    Britney was blindsided. No one has respect for Federweed. His time will come and payback will be a BEEEEEEYOTCH. Team Spears.

  30. Samantha Jones

    Disgusting beast cokehead whore mother deserves everthing that’s coming to her. Idiot slut!

  31. T-Bone

    Well it is relevant in the sense that these are other women are just like Britney — celebrities who depend on image for their livlihood. And every one of them (plus many many others) has acted in some questionable way. So yes – it’s relevant in the sense that if you’re gauging crazy, unacceptable behavior, Britney isn’t alone.
    K-Fed won’t have those kids for long, unless Britney wants it that way. Some smart lawyer will step up to plate and say “hey, you’re getting screwed, so let’s pound this guy into the ground”. And that will be it. It will end up a 50/50 custody split.

  32. nastybugger

    never said that britney is alone in her behavior.

    what I said was that the other people’s behavior is totally irrelevant to this case. the judge is not going to take into consideration ANYONE else’s behavior when deciding the custody arrangement.

    HER behavior (and Kfed’s) is the only thing that would matter to the judge.

  33. THINK for once

    that picture wasn’t taken of Britney going into court…unless she is using the same bodyguard who is on Kevin’s team.

  34. MR

    I’m thinking she failed her court-ordered drug or alcohol test. If that’s what happened, it’s for the best. She needs to hit the bottom before she can come back up, and her denial of any substance abuse problems shows she hasn’t hit it yet. I feel sorry for her, but I’m hopeful her kids can get in a better enviroment, especially with K-Fed having to step up to the plate now!

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