BREAKING: Ashlee Simpson & Colin Egglesfied Fired From ‘Melrose Place’

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reports that Melrose Place actors, Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson, have been let go from the CW series.

He chatted with executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. As Slavkin explains the choice to oust the twosome, “Well, we always knew that this murder mystery would end in episode 12. And we always knew that [Ashlee’s] character of Violet would be instrumental in that as a suspect, and [Colin’s character of] Augie as well. And once that murder mystery was solved, she would go on her way.”

As for how Ashlee and Coline reacted to the news, Todd claims, “They’re total professionals and they took it like professionals…But because they knew ahead of time [that leaving was a possibility], it wasn’t a complete shock.”

Both executive producers claim the casting decision is not directly related to the show’s disappointing ratings. Swimmer adds, “I think for us, it’s just a matter of moving on in the direction we [always] wanted to go.”