Breaking News: Suri Cruise Wants To Be An Olympic Gymnast [PHOTOS]

Stop the presses.  Suri Cruise is a fan of – wait for it – gymnastics.  Like every other six-year-old girl, Cruise idolizes the US women’s gymnastics team, particularly Gabby Douglas.  According to the National Enquirer, Cruise told her parents she wants to win gold “just like Gabby.”

“Suri is gaga for Gabby and the whole women’s summer Olympic gymnastics team,” a source said.  “Forget acting and modeling – Suri says when she grows up she wants to be an Olympian!”

This is so stupid.  Of course she wants to be a gymnast when she grows up.  She probably wants to be a hairdresser, vet and dancer, too.  The only difference between Cruise and other girls her age is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s spawn has the opportunity to meet Douglas. 

“She really got caught up in the excitement,” the source added. “She’s been taking gymnastics lessons at Chelsea Piers, near Katie’s bachelorette pad, for over a month. And Suri’s coaches have been telling Katie and Tom that their daughter has the right stuff and that she shows a lot of potential.

“Katie already promised Suri it’s going to happen soon.”

Way to get the kid’s hopes up.