Breaking News!!! Shia LaBeouf Looks Like He Finally Took A Shower!

Stop the presses! Shia LaBeouf looks like a normal human again! And a rather attractive one at that!

After a run of looking like he didn’t shower and wearing the exact same outfit outing after outing, Shia gave us a brand new look as he stepped out in Los Angeles today. Well, almost new look–his pants are still torn. But at least they look like they’ve been washed!

In addition to his clean clothes, Shia also got a shave and a haircut. I wonder if it cost him two bits

Now, I’d almost forgotten how attractive he is. I’d gotten so used to seeing photos of him hanging out on sidewalks, that I totally forgot he used to dress like this. Shia, I applaud you.

It is entirely possible that this is a prank and tomorrow he’ll be back to looking like the old Shia we’ve come to know and be confused by, but right now I say we enjoy the LaBeouf that we’re getting. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of his new look. Are you finding him as handsome as I am? Sound off in the comments below!