‘Breaking Dawn’: Let There Be Sex

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is currently in production, and we’re hearing great (read: sexual) things about the PG-13 rated film.  Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted down in Brazil filming Bella and Edward’s honeymoon scenes, which will include THE sex scene that every Twihard has been waiting for.  One source on the set claims that Stewart will be nudie quite frequently during those romantical Isle Of Esme scenes (but not too nudie since the film has to stick to its rating).  We have to have a little faith in director Bill Condon, because he’ll be the one guiding and editing the ever-important love scenes to make them look superhot while abiding by the rules of censorship.

One thing we hear ain’t so hot: Bella’s wedding dress.  According to a source, “It’s hideous. And it’s not the designer’s fault. Let’s just say someone who has final say on the matter has decided upon a terribly conservative and ugly gown.”

Just rip it off and have vampire sex!