‘Breaking Dawn’ Filming Wraps As Cast Members Head Home

Breaking Dawn wraps filming this week and some of the cast-Kellan Lutz, a shy Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone-were spotted at the Vancouver airport today, perhaps a little sad that their time together has ended.  While Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are rumored to be hanging back in Squamish, British Columbia for reshoots, E!‘s Ted Casablancas caught up with locals to find out who was a fan favorite and who disappointed.

Taylor Lautner gave a smiley hello to a local while running on a trail, but there were a few gripes about Kellan Lutz, who didn’t greet eager Twihards waiting outside the Metropolitan Movie Theater for a glimpse of the cast.  “He’s a jerkface,” one fan told a local paper.  Peter Facinelli followed Lutz, and apologized to fans for not stopping.  “Sorry, guys.  It’s raining,” he explained.  Awww Carlisle Cullen!

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But the two most gracious stars on the block? Pattinson and Stewart.  After fans found out the two were inside watching Red Riding Hood, they were met by a swarm of fans both in the lobby and outside.  When district manager Jay Dewitt offered to let the two stars sneak out the back exit, Pattinson politely declined.  “Jay, don’t worry about it.  Let them in.”  Pattinson and Stewart stood outside for 15-20 minutes signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

After Saturday night’s wrap party, everyone got the late night hungers.  “The cast of Twilight drunkenly stumbled into McDonalds three nights ago after a late-night party. They came in here in a swarm,” an employee divulged.

Even vampires love fast food.