‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: Series Finale ‘Felina’ Gives Fans A Satisfying Goodbye

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Cast Members Say Goodbye At The Sixth Premiere
It’s officially over!

AMC’s Breaking Bad, the series that everyone has been talking about, has come to an end.

Despite Walter White’s despicable ways, fans are sad to see he and the series go away forever. So what went down in the final episode and how did our protagonist fare?

Walter White was last seen in New Hampshire in a bar about ready to turn himself in when he witnessed an interview with his former colleague Elliot and his wife. They refuse to credit him with starting their company which was essentially his brain child. He changes his mind and finds an old Volvo to hide out in. As the police approach he resigns himself to fate, but asks the universe to get him home and he’ll do the rest. Then a set of keys falls from the visor into his lap.

Walt shows up at Elliot’s flawless mansion and demands that he and his wife help get Walt’s money from his car. It’s roughly 9 million dollars and Walt makes them promise to give this to his son Flynn on his 18th birthday in the form of a trust. He then signals someone from outside to laser aim their guns on Elliot and Gretchen, telling them that if they do not follow through on giving his family the money they will be killed by hired hands.

After leaving the mansion, he meets up with the alleged hired killers who happen to be the two goofball cronies that are usually hanging around Jesse Pinkman’s place. They are only using laser pointers and receive a decent payment for the farce.

Jesse appears in a sort of day dream as a carpenter, creating a perfect wooden box. We wonder if it’s his own casket or a box for his ashes, but instead it is only a dream as he is truly cooking meth for Todd and Uncle Jack, chained up and imprisoned.

Walter goes to the diner and celebrates his 52nd birthday arranging the bacon like Skyler used to do. Then he obtains the Ricin from the old Heisenberg residence and is on his way. He meets up with Lydia and Todd at their weekly coffee break and asks if he can teach Todd how to cook without the use of Methylamine, something he needs to know since he is running out of the main ingredient for Blue Sky. He says he is broke and would take a million dollars for the training. Lydia plays him off and Walt leaves. She then assures Todd that she wants nothing to do with Walt and won’t be doing business with him.

Marie calls Skyler to let her know that there is evidence that Walt is back in town. The police have found the stolen Volvo from New Hampshire and he was seen by their neighbor Carol at the house. Even though the cops are watching out for him, Skyler promises Marie to keep an eye out and to be very careful. She hangs up the phone and Walt stands in her kitchen. She says he has five minutes to talk. He gives her the coordinates for Hank and Officer Gomez’ bodies, lets her know that the people who stole his money killed the two men and that she should use this info as a bargaining tool to get the prosecution to let her off.

He admits to her that he didn’t just do all of this for the family, but that he actually got into the business because he liked it, he was good at it, and it made him feel alive. He then asks to say goodbye to baby Holly and leaves, but before he walks away from the house he watches Flynn come home from school.

Walt is seen putting together some type of automatic firing weapon in the desert. He then approaches Jack and Todd’s compound in the middle of the night. The guys let him in and he parks near the clubhouse. They search him and make sure he isn’t wearing a wire. He goes inside and tries to talk Jack into letting him teach Todd the new cooking method. Both men refuse and let him know he is going to die. Before they kill him he demands to know why they didn’t kill Jesse, but instead became partners with him. To prove that they hate Jesse, Todd makes him come in chains to the clubhouse.

Walter tackles Jesse with his car keys in hand, the trigger for a device in the car he drove which sets off the automatic firing weapon. He falls on top of Jesse and Jack’s men are shot one by one until Jack is left injured and Todd is still alive. Walt secures a handgun while Jesse wraps his chains around Todd’s neck and they wrestle until Todd dies. Walt approaches Jack who tries to negotiate out of his death by offering the location of Walt’s money, but Mr. White isn’t interested and shoots him dead. He then slides the gun to Jesse and tells him to shoot him.

Jesse demands that Mr. White admit that his shooting is what he wants, not another manipulation he is placing upon Pinkman. White admits that it’s what he wants and Jesse tells him he has to do it himself. Then Pinkman gets into Todd’s vehicle and drives away screaming with frenzied glee over his freedom. Lydia calls Todd’s phone to make sure that Walt has been killed, but Walt lets her know that he has killed Jack and all the others. He also lets her know that he put Ricin into her tea at the coffee shop by sneaking it into her stevia. Lydia is clearly ill and realizes her imminent death is on the way.

Walt has been shot by the automatic weapon and stumbles into the meth lab before the police drive onto the compound. He passes out and dies from blood loss due to his wound.

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