‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘To’hajiilee’ Gives All The Fans An Anxiety Attack

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Breaking Bad

After last week’s alliance between an angry Jesse and a desperate Hank, things almost came to a head before Pinkman changed his mind at the last minute.

In this episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Jesse has a better idea. He wants to hit Walt where it hurts the most by tracking down his money. Hank is completely on board.

They decide to get one of Gomez’ unquestioning drones to take Huell in and have Hank meet with him at an undisclosed location. They show him a picture of Jesse lying dead with his brains shot out, a ruse that Hank created with animal guts from the supermarket. Huell spills the beans on everything he knows about getting Walt’s money from the storage unit and packing it into 55 gallon barrels before handing over the keys to the van and watching Mr. White take off. The guys are disappointed to find that the rental van has been washed and cleaned, with no GPS. But Hank has a better idea . . .

Lydia isn’t pleased with Todd’s work cooking meth. He has gotten the percentage of purity up, but loses the blue color of the meth. It is their signature color and sells very well so Lydia isn’t pleased. Todd promises he will perfect his cooking skills.

Walt meets with creepy Todd and his uncle as well as their gang of killing buffoons. He wants Jesse dead and is willing to cook another batch of meth as payment even though he promised Skyler he is out of the business. He urges Todd’s uncle to be gentle and make the kill clean and painless, with no fear involved. He even tells them that Jesse is like family to him, which is why he can’t do the job himself. Is that a warped statement or what?

To draw Jesse out of his hiding place, Walt visits Pinkman’s old girlfriend Andrea and her little boy Brock aka the kid Walt poisoned and nearly killed. He tells her that Jesse is using drugs again and no one can find him. He has her call Jesse’s cell and leave a message. The problem is that Hank has Jesse’s cell and when he listens to the voice mail he knows that it is Walt trying to lure Jesse out in the open. He doesn’t tell Jesse about the message.

Jesse sends a photo of a black barrel of money in the desert to Walt and then calls him on his cell. He tells him that if he doesn’t get out to the burial site of the money he will burn it all completely. Walt is in a panic and races out to the burial site. Jesse stays on the phone with him to let him know that with each minute passing he will burn ten thousand dollars. Walt reminds him that the money is for his family, that he is dying of cancer, and that Jesse should think of his children. Jesse tells him to shut up about children, seeing how he poisoned one and hid the death of another by desegregating his body in acid.

Then Jesse goes silent. Walt is worried and gets to the site to realize that he has been fooled as Pinkman isn’t actually there. He calls Todd’s uncle and his crew, letting them know the coordinates in order to take Jesse out. But when a car arrives with Hank, Gomez, and Jesse the boss man backs out and tells Todd’s crew to abort the mission. Hank gets out of the car and calls Walt from his hiding place. Walt complies and is cuffed and read his rights, but then tries to attack Jesse and calls him a coward. Hank puts Walt in his vehicle and Gomez makes Jesse get into Walt’s vehicle.

Hank calls Marie and tells him that he’s got Walt and that he loves her. You never want a character you like to say ‘I love you’ to their spouse because it could mean their about to get the ax.

Then Todd’s crew pulls up and draws their guns. Hank and Gomez draw theirs and tell the men that they are cops. Walt screams from the vehicle he is in but the crew can’t hear him as the windows are rolled up and all the doors are closed. He wants to call it off, but Todd’s crew starts firing. Walt ducks in the bed of the SUV while Jesse lays low in his vehicle. Gomez is shot and Hank is hiding behind the SUV. Then the episode ends. We have no idea where it will go from here, but this show is so intense that fans will need a hard drink after watching this episode.

By Chelsi Archibald

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