‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Say My Name’

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Throughout this season of AMC’s Breaking Bad, audiences have noticed Bryan Cranston’s insane acting as well as Aaron Paul’s emotional performances. Cranston has taken us on a journey through the mind of Heisenberg that continues to evolve and surprise us all. But this week, it’s hats off to Jonathan Banks who plays Mike Ehrmantraut.

Mike attempted to drop the mic on Walt’s dangerous business, but unfortunately he lost the methylmene and now Heisenberg is sealing the deal with manipulation and intimidation of the rival drug dealers. He forces them to distribute his product and take a 35% cut. The problem is that Walt isn’t letting Jesse go and our boy Pinkman wants out.

Walt goes for the jugular when Jesse demands to be out of the business. He talks about his drug addiction and past mistakes, he belittles him in order to get him to stay. But Jesse walks away and leaves his $5 million at the door.

Walt then decides to recruit Todd, that wanker who shot the 14-year-old kid. This guy is completely trustworthy, not a rattling cage whatsoever. Not. He is essentially a mini Walt, which is even worse. I predict that Todd will learn all of the Blue Sky secrets and screw Walter so hard in the future by selling those to rival drug dealers. This is just another example of Walt letting his ego and power trip get in the way of smart business.

Even though his boss tells him to let it go, Hank still tails Mike and his lawyer, who is distributing the cash to nine of Fring’s employees to keep them from talking and making sure Kaylee gets her cut from grandpa. They bust the lawyer in the act and he flips on Mike. The poor man had to abandon his granddaughter in order to skip town.

When Mike calls Saul, Jesse and Walter are there to listen in. He needs his go bag which he’s left at the airport, but can’t get to it himself. Saul refuses to go and Jesse offers, but Walter ultimately says he will deliver the bag. Why Mike ever trusted Walt or wanted him to deliver his bag is just ludicrous.

When Walt arrives, he and Mike get into an argument in which White demands that Mike be grateful. Walter has ruined everything because of his ego. Gus Fring spent over twenty years building a perfectly run business and rather than just sitting quietly and getting paid, he had to kill Fring in order to be in charge. This royally screwed everything up for everyone. Now Mike’s money has been drained by the DEA twice, he has had to leave his granddaughter, and now he must flee the country.

Walter wants the names of the nine guys who used to work for Fring and Mike refuses to give them up. Walter ends up shooting Mike and following him down to the river banks as he dies slowly. He apologizes for getting upset, realizing that he could have gotten the names from Lydia, but it’s too late. Mike dies peacefully like the bad ass that he is and Walt is left to clean up yet another mess.

Walter has single handedly shit on every aspect of his existence in the last year of his life. His wife and kids despise him, nobody wants to work with him, he has absolutely no friends, and he is murderer. From what we know about Walter, this won’t stop him. If and when Jesse finds out about Mike, there will be an all out war of epic proportions.