‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Rabid Dog’

Last week viewers witnessed Jesse Pinkman finally snap and this week’s episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad revealed just how angry he really is with his partner Walter White.

Walt pulls up to his home to find the car Jesse stole from Saul Goodman abandoned in his front yard. He hops the fence to his backyard and sneaks into the house from the patio with a gun.

He realizes that gasoline has been spilled everywhere and that Jesse is probably still inside. Is he changing his mind? Is he in the bathroom throwing up? Is he having yet another emotional breakdown? We all know Jesse has a soft spot for children. Perhaps he saw baby Holly’s room and realized he couldn’t go through with burning her house down. Either way, Walt is freaking out.

He has the carpet cleaners come by and when they can’t get the smell of gasoline out of the carpet, he comes up with a story to feed to Skyler and Walt Jr. He tells them that the pump malfunctioned at the gas station, covering him in gasoline and making the house smell when he shed his clothing on the living room floor. Walt Jr says what we’ve all been thinking, “Why don’t you just tell the truth?” Our friend Flynn attributes the blunder to his father’s cancer, that he passed out at the pump and fumbled the gasoline tank. Skyler sees right through the bullshit, but plays along.

Walt has the family go to a hotel for a night. Skyler calls him out after he goes to the parking lot to see Saul. He spills the beans and lets her know that Jesse is mad and attempted to start the house on fire, but that Walt doesn’t see him as a threat. Skyler basically tells him to kill Jesse in order to protect the family. Walt is in shock and so are the viewers to a certain degree. Skyler’s argument is that after all they’ve been through and all they’ve done, what is one more life in the scheme of things?

As it turns out, Hank was following Jesse before he got to the White residence and talked him out of lighting the place afire. Hank takes him back to his house, because he knows if he goes through the proper channels and has Jesse arrested that Walt will find out where he is and have him killed in jail just like he did with Hank’s previous ten witnesses. Walt has connections and both Hank and Jesse know this. Hank tries to get Marie to leave, but when she realizes that Jesse is staying there she says, “Is this bad for Walt?”. Hank replies, “Really bad”, and she responds, “Good. I’m staying and I’m heating up the lasagna”.

Now Hank brings in his partner and they film Jesse’s confession. Pinkman isn’t so sure about this because it is essentially his word against Walt’s with no evidence. But the two cops believe his story and decide to focus on getting Pinkman back with Walt and recording their conversation. Jesse is worried that he’ll be killed and Hank’s partner agrees that there is a huge risk. After Jesse leaves the room, Hank makes it known that he doesn’t care about Jesse and even if he does die and they can catch it on camera they have a case against Mr. White.

Pinkman gets wired and goes to meet Walt in a busy plaza filled with people. Right when he is about to make contact he notices a shady looking fellow that might be out to kill him. Pinkman walks away and calls White from a pay phone (as if those even exist anymore). He lets him know that he didn’t fall for White’s trick and that he is going to take him down. Hank is furious and picks Jesse up afterward. As it turns out, Walt didn’t really have a man waiting to kill Jesse and the creepy looking dude was just a guy waiting for his daughter. Jesse tells Hank he has a much better idea for how to get Walt. Walt calls Todd and sends him on another job, possibly to kill Jesse, his friends, or even his family.