‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Madigral’ Shows Bryan Cranston’s Dark Side

Season 5 Premiere Recap
Breaking Bad's 5th Season Starts Off With A Bang
There are a few things you need to know when trying to grasp what AMC’s Breaking Bad is throwing at you. First, we are living in a television world full of good guys gone bad. Think about shows like Showtime’s Dexter and Weeds or HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

This trend, pointed out by Time, is important because the age old rules no longer apply. The good guy is much more complicated than a bad guy. Walter White is turning out to be the absolute worst good guy.

Walt has committed some pretty shady errors and we’ve forgiven him in the past because the dude had cancer. He wanted to provide for his family. In last week’s episode, we witnessed future Walt without a wedding ring. We can only assume that his family is deteriorating before our very eyes and won’t be around for much longer.

Skyler is scared to death and refuses to leave her bed. Walt is washing dishes, making lasagna, and treating his home like a double universe where he can make bombs before he changes his baby daughter’s diaper bombs. He replaced Jesse’s ricin cigarette with a salt filled fake, then placed that fake inside of Pinkman’s Rumba vacuum. If Jesse doesn’t have enough guilt over things that have unfolded, Walt is always wiling to stack it on.

Then there is Mike, who is fast becoming my favorite character. The only person that would be a more badass replacement for Walt in this game than our ex-Phili police officer is Skyler. Hopefully, she will become super empowered soon because the midnight gropes from Mr. White are too much for this audience to handle.

Mike is questioned by Hank and his partner, but doesn’t budge. Even after Hank essentially takes away Mike’s $2 million for his granddaughter, he stays calm. He is prepositioned by Lydia to kill his entire crew, but refuses. Lydia is an OCD type A that doesn’t mind killing whomever in order to protect her investments and her position with Madrigal, a German fast food empire that holds stakes all over the world. As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, that could mean super consequences for Walt on a world wide scale.

But Mike must know something that the rest of us haven’t caught onto. He doesn’t kill Lydia when he invades her house. She is selfish enough to want her daughter to find her dead rather than be thought of as a runner. Instead, he uses her to obtain the methyl-amine that Walt and Jesse need to start cooking again. Is he folding under the DEA pressure or is he setting up Walt for a terrible end by his brother-in-law Hank? Either way, Walter White is in a dark place and everyone around him is scared except old Mike. I can’t help but think that Jesse will change his tune once he finds out Walt’s betrayal.