‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Hazard Pay’ Gives The Audience The Super Creepies [PHOTOS]

Scenes From Last Week
Breaking Bad Goes Next Level In Season Five
Last week on AMC’s Breaking Bad, Mike met obsessive compulsive Lydia in the diner and she expressed her worries over some dude named Dennis spilling the beans to the cops.

This week Mike paid a visit to that very Dennis, a past employee of Gus and Los Pollos Hermanos, and he made sure to emphasize that talking would be bad for everyone. Level headed Mike promises Dennis that he will replace all of the money the feds took from his offshore account if he keeps locked up and shut up.

But Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has another way of dealing with things. He has no problem betraying those who have been loyal to him, including his own family. There is something very Machiavellian with Walt. But it just keep getting worse with this creep.

The boys need a new place to cook. Saul is not happy breaking up the ‘three amigos’ and adding Mike to the brigade. Walt calms his fears by saying, “He handles the business, I handle him”. This is pretty delusional of Walt and reveals just how insane he is becoming. To think that anyone could rattle or control Mike is just asinine in itself.

Saul takes them to a tortilla factory, a cardboard printing facility, and a laser tag arena. Walt isn’t happy with any of the locations. But he does realize that a traveling business might by the best way to hide in plain sight. Saul knows a pest control business that breaks into houses after they’ve serviced them. Now they will set up Walt’s lab equipment in a house on quarantine and the guys will cook there. Ironic really that Walt is infiltrating innocent family homes in order to risk their health, lives, and livelihood. Sounds pretty familiar for Walt.

Mr. White also moves back in with Skyler, who is just at a loss for words at this point. She is pretty powerless. But she does have a shit load of nice nude colored bras in her underwear drawer. Walt unpacks a book by Walt Whitman, who is essentially his opposite even while the name is similar in sound and initials. Entertainment Weekly has some interesting suggestions about why the show would equate these two very different men. Whitman’s poetic lines about democracy and the loss of democracy do ring true with Walter White’s seemingly dictator-like attitude lately.

The meth cooking montage to ‘On A Clear Day’ by The Peddlers was brilliant. Viewers have watched the guys stew up meth plenty of times, but this was more internal and very artistic while keeping a satirical feel. Walt also uses this cooking session to stir up Jesse’s thoughts about his new relationship with his girlfriend. At first, he seems sincere in his encouragement, but nothing Walt does is anything less than calculated these days. Essentially, he is poisoning Jesse’s relationship by telling him to reveal everything to his girlfriend. Walt knows that no woman can handle that and Jesse breaks up with the chick.

Let’s acknowledge how insanely creepy Walt was with little Brock, the boy he almost killed. And then he mentions his own children very casually to the boy’s mother. Skyler wakes to find Walt and Walt Jr. watching Scarface at an alarming volume level. AMC did well in silencing the f-bombs coming out of Al Pacino’s mouth, but the message was still very disturbing. Skyler is trapped in the house of a unpredictable, power hungry killer.

It was especially nice to watch Skyler go bat shit cray on Marie’s skinny little purple obsessed ass. Walt solved that problem by telling Marie about Skyler’s affair with Ted. Marie won’t tell Hank and she even feels badly for Walt. There are some pretty messed up things to do, but demonizing your wife while harboring your own shady shit is just next level insane. This is reinforced when Walt walks over to the kitchen after ruining Skyler’s reputation and casually eats an apple.

Mike delivers the drugs, gets the money, and stands in front of Walt to distribute each of their cuts. They have to pay drivers, dealers, and old employees like Dennis who might talk. Walt is not happy with having to do these things. Jesse tries to point out that they made more in this one batch over a short period of time than they did under Gus with many batches. Jesse even offers to pay the entire share of old employee wages, over 150k. This shows how much of a peacemaker Jesse really is and now that he is not a drug addict he does things to avoid conflict. It makes you question why he is even in the business. He doesn’t care about money, but I think he does care about being valued. He will even sacrifice love for being valued by Walt.

Walt gives a final back handed warning to Jesse by reminding him of Gus’s employee Victor, whom they had to watch be slaughtered as a warning for their own mistakes. Walt says that maybe Victor had not followed directions, had taken liberties with things he shouldn’t have, and that he had it coming. In other words, Walt might slit Mike or Jesse’s throats if they step out of line. Walt’s calculated way of telling Jesse that he trusts him while throwing out veiled threats make him one of the most creepy bastards on television right now. I don’t think Dexter even lights a candle to Walter White at this point.