‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Fifty-One’

The Guys At The Premiere
Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Goof Around In Hazmat Suits
Now that Walter White has gone completely insane, his wife has decided to follow suit. Skyler is about two grapes away from finishing a fruit salad and she isn’t in the mood to hide it anymore. It may be Walt’s 51st birthday and a year anniversary from when he was diagnosed with cancer, but she isn’t in the mood to party.

Walt and Jr. go to pick up the Pontiac Aztec, which has now been dubbed the best worst car due to Breaking Bad’s super popularity. You know when you drive past one now that you can’t help but think of Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston). White trades it in and comes home with Jr.’s original Charger and picks up a black sedan for himself. But Skyler doesn’t care about the cars, she sees this as a sign that Walt is back in the business.

Walt’s cover up is to say the cars are leased. He makes Skyler rearrange his bacon to read ’51’ on his plate and requests a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, as well as a party. When he comes home, it’s like old times. Hank and Marie are coming over and it’s going to be a boring birthday. Hank finds out that Skyler had an affair from Marie.

While Walt reminisces about his struggles in the last year, Skyler slowly recedes into the swimming pool like some creepy Ophelia. Can we all agree that Marie is the most whiney unhelpful unproductive person ever? Oh Skyler is drowning? Marie is just going to stand there barking orders and screeching like a banshee.

Skyler fakes drowns herself in order to freak Marie out and have her take the baby and Walt Jr. away. It works and Skyler is happy to see the kids safe, but is threatened by Walt who is adamant that they come home again. He assumes he can scare her and she will cave, but this woman is not to be underestimated.

After Walt goes to meet with Mike and Jesse, who are trying to deal with OCD Lydia, he comes home to Skyler chain smoking. She will not give in that easily. Mike is debating whether or not to kill Lydia due to the fact that she is planting GPS tracking units on the bottom of the methyl-aniline barrels. She wants to freak the guys out, have them think the cops on their tale. But Mike isn’t having it. Jesse says to trust her. (So typical of Jesse) And Heisenberg says that they’ll get whatever the need whenever they need it. (Unrealistic power hunger)

How will it all turn out? It only takes one Trojon horse to mess things up and Walt may just be that guy. His pride is affecting his judgement. It’s bound to hit the fan soon.