‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Dead Freight’

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Cranston & Paul Show Off Their Lab Gear
This week’s episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad opened with a kid riding his dirt bike in the desert. He stops when he finds something odd. We are all jumping to the worst conclusions i.e. dead body, severed head, meth. But the kid finds a tarantula and goes on his way. But audiences know we will bump into him later in the episode.

Cut to Hank setting up his new office and Walt coming into Police headquarters for a visit. Walt (Bryan Cranston) continues to be more and more messed up as time goes on. Now he is fake crying and telling Hank that Skyler wants him out. She thinks he is a bad influence on the kids and she needs therapy. This is all a set up for Walt to convince Hank that Skyler is unstable and that the kids should come home. But that’s not all.

Walt also bugs Hank’s computer and his family picture on his desk. The creepiness continues.

Walt then meets up with Mike and Jesse (Aaron Paul) to interrogate cray cray Lydia about the methylamine tanks. Mike thinks she planted the GPS tracking units on the tanks herself, but she claims it was the police. Mike is ready to kill her when she reveals another shipment of the stuff that the boys can steal.

Jesse suggests they steal it in plain sight, make it seems like it was untouched while on the train traveling across the country. Walt loves this idea because it means he can be a complete ego-centered ass and run the show, putting everyone’s lives in danger.

The plan: Set up two tanks beneath the train as it crosses a bridge, stop the train with a distraction, and switch out the methylamine for the same weight in water. One of their accomplices conveniently breaks down in his truck in front of the train and the engineers come to help him move the truck while Walt and Jesse swipe the liquid gold. What could possibly go wrong?

Walt decides to get an ego and wants to keep going even after the train conductors are starting up the machinery and are ready to move. Walt doesn’t allow Jesse to detach the equipment from the moving train until the last possible minute, but it works out anyway. The only problem is their new found friend Todd, who is shady and not yet reliable. As they realize they’ve succeeded in robbing the train, they notice the little boy on the dirt bike who has been watching them the entire time.

Todd’s solution to this is to pull a gun on the kid and shoot him dead, despite Jesse’s freak out and attempt at preventing him. Great, now we have to deal with this shit storm. This show is like a PSA for anyone who thought they might be interested in dealing drugs. No thanks.