‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Confessions’

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Breaking Bad

In this episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad, things took a significant turn and Jesse Pinkman grew a pair of balls.

Todd leaves a voice mail for Walt in which he explains that there is new management over the operation.

Jesse is being questioned by the DEA and is confused when Hank shows up, turns the evidence camera off and asks him about Walt. He is brokering a deal with Jesse, although Mr. Pinkman will not budge.

Meanwhile at the White residence, Walt Jr. asks his dad if he can go over to Marie’s house to help her fix a computer problem. Before he can leave, Walt stops him and tells him that his cancer has returned, thereby distracting Walt Jr. from going to Marie’s house. If there is anything we’ve learned about Walter White, it’s that he will stoop to any level in order to control a situation.

Hank still hasn’t told the DEA his suspicions about Walter White, mostly due to the fact that it makes him look like an incompetent moron that he never clued into his brother-in-law’s actions. Hence the reason why he so desperately needs Jesse as an ally. He needs real evidence before he can bring the hammer down on Walt without it being a shitty investigation that will lead to nowheresville.

Speaking of which, Saul and Jesse meet Walt in the middle of the  desert. Jesse tells Walt that he doesn’t think Hank has much on him and that he hasn’t told his cronies at the DEA. Walt suggests that Jesse hit the road and get a new identity, start over fresh. Jesse immediately tells Walt to cut the bullshit and just be real with him. Basically Jesse knows that either he must hit the road or be killed by Walt like their old partner Mike. Walt never admits to these actions, but instead gives the emotionally unstable Jesse a hug.

Walt and Skyler meet Marie and Hank for dinner at a cheery Mexican restaurant. Walt wants them to leave their children out of the situation and quit trying to bait Walt Jr. Hank makes it known that he won’t stop until Walt is brought to justice and turns himself in to which Walt responds by getting up from the table to leave and placing a DVD confession on the table. In the confession tape, he says that Hank was the brains behind the operation and recruited Walt as the chemist. He uses the fact that Skyler gave Marie money for Hank’s medical bills and says they did this because they were forced. Hank asks Marie if this is true and she says she thought it was gambling money. Now Hank is totally screwed and has no credibility all to the tune of $177,000.

Pinkman decides to comply and to get a new identity. Saul makes the arrangements. While Jesse is waiting for the dude with his new identity he pulls out his cigarettes and notices that Saul’s bodyguard stole his weed, which gets him thinking. The dude also stole his cigarettes with the ricin under Walt’s orders and Jesse realizes that Walt used it to poison Brock. He is furious and storms into Saul’s place to beat the shit out of him. Saul admits the truth and Jesse goes to Walt house and begins pouring gasoline all over the home. The episode ends.

By Chelsi Archibald

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