‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: ‘Buyout’

Breaking Bad's Best
Characters From The Hit Show Range From Bad To Worse
Halloween is a couple of months away, but anyone watching the latest episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad certainly got a decent case of the spooks. The guys are trying to clean up the mess from last week. It entails dismantling a 14-year-old boy’s dirt bike into easily disposable fragments and then disintegrating his poor little body in a tub of acid. That has to be the creepiest opening scene of a TV drama we’ve seen in awhile.

We’ve witnessed the insane lack of rationale Walter White has been displaying lately. But we’ve also watched Jesse decline into an extreme amount of sadness, depression, and complete regret. When the guys try to decide what to do with the idiot who shot the boy, Jesse wants him taken care of. So much, that he punches Todd right in the face. Jesse continues to be my favorite character and Aaron Paul deserves all the Emmy awards.

They vote to keep Todd on the payroll and make sure he stays quiet. But now Mike is being heavily followed by the DEA and this dead boy doesn’t help things either. Mike tells Walt that he wants out of the business and Jesse is retiring also. Mike has a connection for selling the methylmene to a guy in Phoenix. Each of the guys would get a cool $5 million and be able to walk away. But Walt sees the methylmene as $300 million after it has been cooked. And he is not happy about the guys bailing out.

After Mike talks to the rival meth lord, he realizes that he can’t sell his share unless he gets Walt to sell the whole batch. Jesse decides he would be able to convince Walt easier than Mike and goes to the White residence. Walt talks about his start up company ‘Grey Matter’ which he sold his share years ago for $5,000 and now the company is worth billions. He won’t make that mistake again. He says he’s not in the money business or the meth business, he is in the empire business. This is a completely different Walter White than we’ve seen in season one.

Walt makes Jesse stay for dinner and Skyler is not amused. Queue the most awkward family meal in the history of ever. Skyler hates Jesse and refuses to talk to him. Jesse tries to make small talk and after the wife walks away from the table, like a boss, Walt reveals that Skyler wants him dead. The meth business is the only thing he has left.

Walt rolls up to the pest warehouse and attempts to take the methylmene, but Mike is waiting for him. They spend all night together and then Mike zip ties him to the radiator so he can visit the DEA and slap a restraining order against them. While he is gone, Walt rigs a wire in order to burn through the zip tie on his wrist and he escapes, hiding the methylmene. Mike shows up to Walt and Jesse promising him that they will get to sell their share and Walt will get to cook his. With a gun to his temple, Walt tells Mike that he has a plan. But we won’t find out what that is until next week.

A few thoughts: Walt’s family absolutely hates him. He has nothing holding him back from his dark side. Jesse wants out. Mike wants out. Where can Walt go from here? He only has his ability to manipulate and control. If this was a window for escape, it may have just closed on Mike and Jesse. Walt wants to make sure he keeps them around. What will it take for them to get out?