‘Breaking Bad’ Final Season Premiere Recap: ‘Blood Money’

It is the final season of one of the most intense shows on television and for the viewers of AMC’s Breaking Bad, it’s been a slow motion train wreck.

The last time we saw Walter White it was his 52nd birthday and his brother-in-law Hank had just found out that Walt is in fact the infamous meth dealer he has been chasing all along.

Flash forward to some near future in which the shit has hit the fan entirely and Walter White’s suburban New Mexican home is uninhabited, fenced off, condemned, and the back yard is being used as a skate park for the local teens. But it isn’t the empty house that is eery, it is the appearance of Heisenburg himself who shows up on the scene to collect the poisonous ricin he once hid behind his nightstand electrical socket.

We don’t know who the ricin is intended for this time around, but Walter is seen by his neighbor who is obviously terrified to see him and drops her groceries on the ground. So this next season will consist of us getting from that day on Walter’s 52nd birthday to the literal shitstorm of his condemned home and infamous reputation being known among his neighbors.

Flashback to his birthday and Hank is obviously in shock at what he’s just realized. He fakes being ill and leaves the party, but is so overwhelmed that he passes out and crashes the car into someone’s yard. He decides to take a week off from work and orders all the files from the Heisenburg case to be delivered at home. What we’ve all witnessed slowly and gradually Hank has to realize very quickly, that his nerdy chemist brother-in-law Walt is the devil incarnate.

Walt has told Skyler that he is out of the business and her and the kids are living back at home. Skyler is living in a hazy surreal world, where she complies with Walt only half believing something terrible isn’t waiting in the wings. Lydia shows up at the carwash to convince Walter to come back and work for her and perfect the formula, but he refuses. Skyler calmly threatens her and tells her never to return.

Jesse is feeling extreme guilt over the death of little Drew, the kid that witnessed them robbing a train in the middle of the desert who ended up dissolving in a tub of hydrochloric acid. Jesse has also caught on that Mike is dead and that Walter White is most likely his killer. He attempts to have Saul deliver $2.5 million to each of the families of the victims, but Saul calls Walt who puts a stop to that.

Walter comes over to bold face lie to Jesse yet again and tell him that he did not kill Mike. Jesse certainly doesn’t believe him, but apparently decides to go along with it because his life is such a dark hole at this point that he doesn’t even care. He instead decides to throw wads of cash out of his car window to placate the wrenching guilt in his heart. Someone give Aaron Paul an Emmy already!!!

Walt is also back in chemotherapy and possibly dying, but is keeping it from the family. He finds a GPS tracker on his car and decides to confront Hank about it. Hank invites him into the garage and shuts the door before punching Walt right square in the face. He is appalled that Walter committed all these terrible atrocities and he assures him that he will not stop until Walter is in jail. Walt lets him know that no one will imprison him because he is a good suburban father dying of cancer. Hank tells Walt to bring Skyler and the kids over and perhaps he will talk a plea bargain, but Walt refuses.

Now the chase is on for Hank to find a way to prove Walt’s guilt and make sure he goes down for his heinous crimes.