Brawl Breaks Out On ‘Gossip Girl’

Spotted: Shit going down on the set of Gossip Girl.

The paparazzi were very interested in getting shots of Blake Lively and guest actor Billy Baldwin (wonder if he is playing her dad) on set.  Well they got the shot, but not with out causing quite a stir.  The photogs ignored the requests of security to step back or risk ruining the take. Tensions rose off screen while the actors tried to concentrate on their scene. Things got out of hand and cameras stopped rolling when a pissed off photographer reportedly dropped the N bomb on a bodyguard which led to a beat down. The police showed up but no one pressed charges and the filming resumed.  At one point in the gallery it looks like Blake and Billy are just passively waiting for the brawl to subside so they can do lines. 

They should have worked some of that into the scene.  They’re jump the shark efforts have pretty much fallen flat lately.