Bravo Never Quits: Meet The Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Oh, Bravo, I can’t quit you! Just when you cock-tease me with your Giudice explosions for next week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part 2, you go and give me more tacky, horrible, ridiculous rich women to feed my addiction to television absurdity and the accompanying cocktail hour(s).

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going to start up on Oct. 14 and here’s an overview of the surgically enhanced cast:

* Taylor Armstrong, an Oklahoma native who now runs a consulting firm. She may dote on her 4-year-old daughter with lavish $50,000 birthday parties, but it looks like her marriage is on the rocks. That’s good for us. Bad for her.

* Camille Grammer, soon to be ex-wife of actor Kelsey. She vows to not speak of her divorce and explains it’s all about being a mother for her. Sounds very safe and boring.

* Lisa Vanderpump, a British designer and restaurant owner who lived in the South of France before moving to the Hills five years ago. She wears a lot of pink, spends every night in bed with her dog and is probably the token Brit bitch.

More cast member details after the jump!

Check out video of the cast and pics of Camille with her soon-to-be-ex at a Broadway opening from April of this year! And don’t worry, in the clip, they get around to throwing some F-bombs around, which is what we all love anyway!

* Kyle Richards, a former child star-turned-mother of four. An aunt to Paris Hilton, Kyle admits to having a slight case of OCD and being addicted to the Real Housewives series. She’s friends with Bethenny Frankel.* Kim Richards,
a former child star-turned-mother of four. Sound familiar? She’s Kyle’s
sister who retired from show business (after 17 Disney movies, among
other work) and decided to do Housewives because niece Paris had “so
much fun” on The Simple Life. Sounds like she may be an idiot. I hope so.* Adrienne Maloof, part-owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. She’s pegged to be the mother hen.