Bravo, It Is A Changin’

January 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments

With Queer Eye going off the air after its fifth and final season (debuting this summer), Bravo is going to have to fill up some programming and is turning to fashion guru, Tim Gunn, and the sometimes lucid Paula Abdul for help in that department. Broadcasting & Cable reports:

Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style will profile Gunn as he solves people’s fashion dilemmas by helping them get makeovers. While it’s still unresolved whether Gunn will return to Runway for its fourth season, his own show debuts as he is set to publish a book on style and taste in May 2007.

Abdul’s show will be a documentary-style look behind the scenes at her life. The show, tentatively called Hey Paula, is set to debut later in 2007 and will profile the choreographer/singer/perennial worst-dressed candidate at work and with friends.

I think there’s already a show for what Paula’s attempting to do. And it’s called, “Intervention.” Only, with better outfits.

Bravo Cancels Queer Eye, Gives Gunn, Abdul Shows [Broadcasting & Cable]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Elaine

    Wow, Paula Abdul? Really? With all the success of Project Runway on Bravo, you’d think they could get someone more appealing than Paula Abdul. People only watch her on American Idol because she’s always drunk/on pills/pick your poison.

    Maybe, as you suggested, its all an elaborate ruse to get her on Intervention. That, I would watch.

  2. Matt


    I love Tim Gunn… but I dont want him to have a stupid makeover show. He seems much more sophisticated than that.

    Stick with Runway, Tim!

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