Brangelina Perseveres, Despite L&S


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are refuting claims made by Life & Style that the Hollywood power couple are headed for Splitsville. The mag has printed no less than four cover stories in the past eight weeks stating that Brad and Angie’s relationship is over and now the two are firing back. Brad Pitt’s spokesperson told that Brad and Angie and their family are currently in the midst of enjoying their vacation in France.

These magazines continue to write lies about our clients to sell magazines.”

I feel like Life & Style has a bit more emotionally invested in this particular relationship/break-up even more than us here at ASL. And, we are the first to admit that our fascination with Brangelina is not exactly healthy, but seriously, L&S needs to get a hobby. Or find a rehabbing starlet. At least we’re a bit more well-rounded when it comes to our obsessions. Sort of.