Brangelina Roam The Country

Continuing her house-hunting duties in New York, Angelina Jolie was spotted leaving a studio in the city. Angie continues to work on the Jolie-Pitt family’s transition to the big apple, while Brad Pitt was spotted leaving the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to head to the MGM Grand Casino to pick up the kids.

This awards season, the Academy Award-nominated couple have been tramping up and down red carpets around the world at each other’s side. But now, they’re in divide and conquer mode at the moment, getting some shit done before their big day this weekend.

Angelina’s looking pretty severe here, what with her sunglasses and black coat. I get the feeling that if she goes home empty-handed, Brad better not have won something lest she melt him with a single glance.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt leaves the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to the MGM Grand Casino while Angelina Jolie leaves a NY studio.