Brangelina Resurfaces!

Wow Angelina is looking fantastic. She has no trace of baby weight whatsoever. Maddox looks like Maddox – I love his little smile in the second photo. He’s going to be trouble.

While Angelina may look great, according to a friend of hers, she has the baby blues.

“At first, she was incredibly happy after the birth of their daughter,” a friend of Brad says. But after they returned from Namibia, where Shiloh was born on May 27, another source says that Angelina, 31, began exhibiting baby-blues symptoms. “Brad said it seems like Angelina is having wild mood swings, sudden crying spells, anxiety, irritability, disturbances in sleep and appetite, and it seems like she’s getting very sad and withdrawn,” says the source. “But what troubles him most is that Angelina has lost interest in him in the bedroom. He can’t understand that, because they’ve always had such a good sex life.”

I would suggest medication, but I wouldn’t want to offend Tom Cruise.

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Written by Tara Benedict

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