Brangelina Keep On Adoptin’

February 23rd, 2007 // 14 Comments

In the light of all the Britney and Anna Nicole Smith news, it’s pretty amazing that something as relatively boring as Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie adopting another baby has even made a blip on our radar. However, we know we have a journalistic (HA!) responsibility not to neglect our other beloved stars, just because they’re comparatively well-behaved, lest they end up suffering from the dreaded middle-child syndrome. TeenHollywood reports:

A source in Vietnam tells American publication US Weekly the couple have filed papers with the US Citizenship and Immigration services to adopt a boy from the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, which they visited in November (2006).

I guess this is news, but I’m so desensitized by all of the sensational gossip and general craziness of the past two weeks, that unless the couple do something INSANE like strap this baby to a rocket and send it to Mars, I’m going to have to remain unimpressed.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loob

    “Hello, this is Brad Pitt talking on the phone.”
    Heheh I recently saw that episode of Starveillance. Cracked me up!

    When you’re trying to form your own family basketball team, do you have to adopt enough kids to have reserves, or just enough to have five on the floor at all times?

  2. OH! The Whore and her dummy have bought another baby! That’s one closer to the complete set!

    The “Babes Of Every Color” set is nearing completion!!

    Giddy! Giddy!!

  3. Is that the Tussaud’s wax scuplture of them? Seriously, they look fake!

    And what the HELL did they do with the kid that they actually spawned?

  4. Jan

    Looks like they overdosed on botox.
    Seriously though, let’s not buy a real small one. The lady does not like blobs.

  5. cracktastic

    geez, siliva, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

    the top large picture of them looks like wax statues!

    and sheeeeeit has Brad ever aged since he hooked up with Angie. he looks like he’s been leading a rough life.

    still hot tho.

  6. Allaina

    This will be the baby that breaks the camels back, if they adopt

  7. jannre

    Poor Shiloh “the blob”. Shes not even a yr old, I think they should buy a phyciatrist, because the whole family will need one for the rest of thier lives…

  8. ohmygoodness

    It’s wonderful to adopt a child but I just get this feeling they do this to take the focus off of their relationship. Like when people try to have babies to fix a failing relationship. But I hope all goes well.

  9. kikichanelconspiracy

    He seriously is as dumb as a brick. He always has the same bewildered, blank expression that he tries to pass off as smoldering. His 9 month old baby has more intellectual spark.

    And she…well, whatever. I don’t even have the energy. They both bore the hell out of me.

  10. wellgrounded

    Because Angelina is moving forward with another adoption, does not move her forward with being a better person. I really question her motives and am beginnging to think that Brad is pathetic for going along with this. I’ll give her that she’s an ‘okay’ actress (never deserved an Oscar though!!), but as a mom, judging by the way she’s mothering Maddox, I’d say she’s pretty much a ‘f…up’.

  11. isaidit

    haters in the house

  12. whorelina

    sweet jeebus brangelina is buying another baby/blob. this is going to be one hell of a custody battle when they break up unless, of course, Bradny agrees to Mangie’s “open relationship” demands:-)

  13. Adding Up

    This is becoming a never ending story.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, + + + + +

  14. Pop quiz

    I only see Angie holding Maddox. Occasionally Zahara. I never see her holding Shiloh or out and about with Shiloh. I feel so sorry for that child. And now another one is being added. Shiloh will get no attention – except from Brad hopefully.

    Angie had a strong relationship with her mother. I don’t understand why she doesn’t dote on her daughter. She’s punishing her for being a white American.

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